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fuck off with this alarmist garbage

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Did you know that you can save money on your car insurance by switching to perjury

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Maroonsaint you are easily my second favorite door to door insurance salesman.

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>implying all news on earth isn't alarmist cancerous bullshit

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More like: don't get my hopes up

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"Come back in 50 million years, and we'll see what happens." Lol nice

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Really need the San Francisco fault to slip far enough to drop below the sea level. I just hope the natural disasters are quick enough that the liberal shits don't survive. Otherwise they'll move to OUR states.

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We aren't this lucky.

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Nothing to worry about. The plume of Magma under VT and parts of MA and NH is still many miles deep inside the Earth's Crust. Scientists say it will not manifest itself, assuming it ever does, for atleast 900,000 Years.

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Just do some fracking in less populated areas above it, releave pressure and let magma out in a semi-controled way. Volcanoes are just an untapped reasource like anything else, get some geothermal memes going, have fun with it.

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From the abstract of the paper, it's at least ten times further down than anybody's ever drilled. It's little more than a scientific curio at the moment. Yellowstone will have erupted a time or three before this one becomes interesting.

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It doesn't work that way for volcanoes dude. Especially really big ones. Moreso if it is the gaseous eruption type (Mt. St. Helens for example). It's a super pressurized system which can somewhat be compared to a balloon being stuck with a needle; do that in the wrong spot and it explodes in your face. Sure there might be a correct spot, but what are the odds you are going to get lucky and poke that instead of a part that explodes?

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It dose work that way for volcanoes, its magma being pushed up and pooling slowly, eventually errupting if its cool gloopy magma or oozing out if its hot liquidy magma, just get in there before its critical pressure. Either way pulverizing an area with fracking either creates a path for liquid magma to ooze and gasses to vent or creates a weakened area that can be deformed eaisily by hard magma, releasing pressure without blowing a big old chunk of the lithosphere to the stratosphere. Its all theoretical sure but I think its pretty sound, just pick somewhere thats full of jews and let the magma and pyroclastic gasses flow down upon the cursed earth, sending all in its path to the afterlife in more pain than is even all that funny.

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No whammies

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Is this what we get for our tax dollars spent on idiots like this professor? "Come back in 50 million years and we'll see what happens"

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Is this what we get for our tax dollars spent on idiots like this professor? "Come back in 50 million years and we'll see what happens"

Lol so true

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