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Demonized it but continue to enforce it. Make sure you don't have that second or third child so you have money to pay taxes to LaShanquas 9th child from her 9th baby daddy.


[–] Schreiber 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Just another example of white genocide. It boggles my mind how some people deny the existence of white genocide and the genocide of "high iq population" in general.

Did they not see the declining birth rate of civilized people in favor of savage subhumans? I don't understand how nobody take any action against declining birth rate of desirable people and the increasing birth rate of undesirable untermensch (food aid to Africa, so they can breed like rabbits instead of perish through natural selection). The fact that less beautiful blonde little girls with blue eyes are being born while fugly female apes are breeding like no tomorrow should raise an alarm about the future of humanity.

I'm not a racist, just a race realist. I'm thinking of like, my future grandson, what the fuck is gonna happen to him when there's less light skinned mate to choose from and more mulattos and shitskins comparably instead. Look at fucking English royal family, it's fucking pathetic.


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I call shenanigans...LaShanqua doesn't know the baby daddy of 6 kids. I've seen enough Maury to know this is fact.


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Eugenics isn't what is being practiced there. This is called "dysgenics" - the same as eugenics, but instead of aiming to make everyone better, it aims to make everyone worse. Only a kike can take a concept like eugenics and pervert it to its complete opposite.


[–] Omgaar 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Yeah, I know people call it "dysgenics" but I've always found that distinction rather dumb considering they are both so similar. Both are: Knowingly encouraging evolution to go a certain direction in our own species. In a sense, by pushing dysgenics onto a foreign group but not your own group you are relatively increasing your own group. At least in comparison to that group. Values can differ also, the elites may think they're "improving us" by making us more compliant workdrones or whatever.

Regardless, eugenics is scary. Tell someone "Taking resources from one group and giving it to another is really just a stealthy way to implement eugenics" and most will react negatively since they're conditioned to see eugenics as bad.