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Liberals came from conservatives. You have to be pretty fucking stupid not to realize this. Society is never formed in a vacuum.

Can you even explain what you mean by this? To me this looks like incoharent nonsense mixed with name calling aka your basic Reddit argument.

What flaw do you see with this study, besides it not conforming to your world view? Please be specific.


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Which study? The link goes straight to Science Alert which is a horrible source for anything true and digestible. The other two sources it mentions are studies on neurotism and genetic links and Link genetic markers for mental disorders like ADHD and Alzemiser having a positive effect on General intelligence. Linking it no further to that and not all the Race stuff people around here are spouting.


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in US history, for example, there was a political party formed the late 1790s called the democratic-republican party. it split in 1825 over differences in federalism and how the service the citizens. one group took the name democrats the other took the name republican nationalists. the republican wing changed its name to Whig party from 1830 to around the start of the civil war and then back to republican a bit after. there was a progressive party form in 1912 as an offshoot from the democrats, but it was short lived due to WW1And the depression after.


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They're saying that liberals were former conservatives, that something caused them to change and have a more open mindset. You should really work on your reading comprehension, you arrogant faggot.

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the proof that intelligence is genetic is all around us. this is just more evidence on the stack. are you perhaps, a nigger?


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Awesome tactic you have there. Care not to talk about the subject even further?