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Shhhhh.....don't offend the SJWs with obvious facts and truths. Everyone is equal in ability but white privilege is what keeps colored people from being geniuses. Africa never developed the wheel because whites oppressed them at a later point in history. Get your facts out of here and focus on the feels instead. Reeeeeee!

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All current living humans are genetic subsamples of African populations

Erm no. That's another disinformation.

All living humans can actually trace their mitochrondiral DNA back to a single woman who lived in Kenya 150,000 years ago.

And another disinformation.


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Even if this is true, it's not meaningful in the discussion of human intelligence evolution to the modern time. The genes for intelligence obviously diverged away from the sub-Saharan population in favor of the Eurasian population. The sub-Saharans stayed low intelligence and the Eurasians gained intelligence. Saying we share a common ancestor proves we're on equal footing in intelligence is divisive since we also share a single-celled organism as a common ancestor and no one, except for maybe the low intelligence portion of the population, would say that makes us what we are today. So, despite having a common ancestor, Eurasians definitely excelled while the rest only improved marginally. This essentially proves the genetic differences between the races and populations. We're not all the same species anymore.


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that, is entirely irrelevant to the current state of humanity. i dont care if we all come from africa and i dont know why you think this stupid ass point has any meaning. the ones who stayed in africa didnt evolve intellectually and are now intellectually inferior subhumans. i dont care if we share ancestry. considering we are the same species we fucking obviously share ancestry. that does nothing to fix the intellectual inferiority of niggers.


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Different evolutionary level.

Do you seriously think that an attractive light skinned girl is genetically close to a fugly nigress?

I don't need no science to know this, just my fucking eye and dick knows this. And I'm being pretty objective... I know a bunch of mudskinned men from different races and they all prefer lighter skinned women.