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Damn white people and their

shuffles deck, picks card

genetic research.

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liberals will deny this.

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DNA is a social construct

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I Identify as having a high IQ

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Humans are a DNA construct.

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Constructs are a DNA Human.

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Holy fucken shit, who would have thought.

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Amusingly it was considered common sense up until (((people))) demonized the concept of eugenics.

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Demonized it but continue to enforce it. Make sure you don't have that second or third child so you have money to pay taxes to LaShanquas 9th child from her 9th baby daddy.

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The genetic conditions here associated with higher general intelligence here are the kind of thing that Nazis would be screening out in their Eugenics. ADHD and Alezemisers. In otherwords this is a strong argument against eugenics in favour of a diverse genetic pool.

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eugenics is stupid because you can't reliably predict the results. Genetics is extremely complicated. Billions of variables, each one having a tiny effect on every variable in life so that there is only a collective outcome and not one that can be measured for each gene.

Intelligent people have fewer babies voluntarily. This leads to huge problems and is a losing strategy globally. Intelligent people commit suicide at a much higher rate. Have higher social anxiety. And often suffer depression. This does not make for a utopic society.

Like most things, if used extremely carefully and sparingly, it has great potential. But it is a recipe for disaster the way people like you want to use it.

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Possibly one of the most obvious things ever

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It's been known that intelligence is atleast 60% genetic for decades now.

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I thought further studies have shown it to be as high as 80%+ genetic.

I think the only few things you can do to help it is breastfeeding for the proper length of time, and nutrition prepuberty.

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Shhhhh.....don't offend the SJWs with obvious facts and truths. Everyone is equal in ability but white privilege is what keeps colored people from being geniuses. Africa never developed the wheel because whites oppressed them at a later point in history. Get your facts out of here and focus on the feels instead. Reeeeeee!

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So is strength. And if you're not physically active, you won't be strong regardless of your DNA.

IMO it's more accurate to say the potential for intelligence is hereditary.

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either way. niggers have low intelligence and/or low potential for intelligence.

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And not a single one is located inside a nigger.

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Or you. The need to use this kind of science to make ones self feel superior is strongly linked to stupidity. And it's the stupid bigots like you who make it so hard to get this accepted by the mainstream. This science does not support your bigoted views. You are far more like the niggers you hate than the great white men of history you imagine yourself to be.

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On average blacks are less likely to have most of these genes and have a lower average intelligence. He's exaggerating but the truth is closer to his view than the idea that we're all equal.

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ummm. pretty much all science surrounding intelligence supports bigoted views. every study ever conducted suggestests niggers are intellectually inferior to literally every other race on the planet. if you can come up with a better reason to be bigoted than that id love to hear it.

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