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Planting trees is even cheaper.

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Good job

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Trees in a lot of climates make more CO2 than they remove, the ocean is much better at raping CO2.

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That is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on the interwebs.

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CO2? Like plant food? 🌳

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Now if only we had a need which can't be serviced by trees.

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All this is just so they can tax you for breathing

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Like with a rag?

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Unnecessary. The system Will fix itself.

As the earth heats up the ice in canada and siberia will melt and more trees will grow there and filter the air.

This will also unlock more farmland. Good soil too not like the shit in the tropics.

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>good soil

>not in the tropics

Why do you think everywhere within 15 degrees of the equator is extremely green and lush? It's certainly not because of lack of soil nutrients fucking lel

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They have to clear rainforests fpr farmland constantly because the soil is shit for farming and out of nutrients within 2-3 years.

Shits green because of sun not because of soil.

Look at the africa forest project. Planting trees in sand and making rainforest in the sahara.

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You are dumb. There is less available land to farm in those areas because of where they are on the planet and, unless the axis tilt shifts, those areas will not get more sunlight to properly allow our known food crops to grow (don't even say we'll invent new food crops, that process takes 100s and sometimes 1000s of years for domestication).

Back when dinos were present on Antarctica (we have fossils) the climate there was borderline tundra+temperate forest due to lower sunlight availability.

As for the system fixing itself, oh yes it will. Overpopulation is a self-correcting problem (there will be less human suitable food, you figure it out).

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We need more CO2 in the air, not less.