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You can see the dust storm with a decent telescope, here's one from several days ago using a Celestron C9.25 SCT, it's visible on this animation but since then it's grown tenfold so you'll see it no problem


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Sir, we received an alert message from the rover!

What does it say?

"Oh fuck."

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That rover is an American hero, at this point. Just keep swimming, big man!

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I feel like a small compressor / tank should be part of the rover when it runs on solar and is on a dusty planet... you know... blow off the dust?

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Upgrade it with burrowing claws quick

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Which rover? Curiosity is nuclear powered so it's good. But Opportunity is still trucking on solar power so this would be pretty bad. The map location looks like Curiosity, but I'm not 100%.

Edit: It's Opportunity... bad news then. Hope it can make it through, little guy has survived for 10 years already...


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We know too much.....

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I don't see why they use solar. With technology as advanced as it has become then why not use a small nuclear source for power and make the rover bigger also and let the thing run for like 500 years or so. Find out the damn thing is so small it got buried and can't even move where a monster truck size one with nuclear power would just plow through the fucking storm.

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