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Funny they don’t mention in that article that water used for fracking is recycled and used again

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A lot of it is lost or contaminated so badly that it is left in the ruck below the aquifer.

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I was under the impression that fracked wells often produce large amounts of brine during oil extraction. If there a reason that the brine from the first well cannot be used to frack the next well?

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Sadly, it's quite possible that your reply will be ignored and this guy will pose the same "observation" next time this topic comes up. Even voat isn't free of general social media scourge

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You know what's fascinating about anti-fracking propaganda? It's already known where it comes from; Saudi Arabia. Gas Land was produced by a Saudi film studio and most talking points come from one Saudi think tank or another. Despite this, people still fucking fall for it. It doesn't matter how out in the open the truth is. People will always believe in stupid shit.

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(((They))) want water to become a scare commodity so they can have further control.

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Typical voat ignorance. "Capitalism is involved, so it's a noble endeavor! Never mind sinkholes, or crude oil contaminating our water supplies. That's just saudi propaganada!" FYFT Fracking is not sustainable.

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You're an idiot.

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So we shouldn't be concerned with american's dying in sinkholes caused by your precious fracking?

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Nothing wrong with fracking. It's demonized by the media because it threatens the global dependence on petrol.