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I'll take "How to devalue the degree of everyone at college" for 500 Alex.

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I've noticed companies have recently started administering logic and math tests before you get an interview in the last few years. I welcome this change.

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Especially if you bait idiots with emotionally charged subjects for the test.

Roger is black and everyone else in his work place is white. Every day Roger works as hard as he can, but still can't seem to catch up to his colleagues' output. The boss always posts quarterly productivity numbers for each employee on the bulletin board in the break room, and Roger is embarrassed to always be the one on the bottom of the list. Roger never gets promoted even though white employees who have been with the company less time are promoted. Do you think Roger is the victim of racial discrimination?

If they answer "yes" they're disqualified.

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The college doesn't even give grades. Nobody takes it too seriously. It's just a hippie, anti-science safe-haven for people to grow organic veggies blessed from Hindu deities and take drugs to discover themselves. It's not a real school. Take drugs. Show up to class. Somewhat do shit for the class. Then receive your "written report" from the professor as a grade. It's crazy this is even a thing.

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Evergreen state is just flat fucking selling degrees to niggers. Thats all it is. And the niggers of course arent paying for it with their own money. Those degrees are going to be worth less than the paper theyre printed on. Who would hire, or make a grant to, a nigger with an evergreen state diploma?

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selling degrees to niggers

They are not the ones paying for the degrees...

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Yeah, i mentioned that.

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I don't give a shit what these so called nigger daycare colleges do, so long as not a single cent of tax money is ever given to them or thier students. And I mean, not a single cent. No food stamp gibs to these niggers while they go to daycare. If they want money, get a j-j-j-job.

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If you negotiated a decent deal for hiring the students in bulk, you could have them pick cotton.

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I say do it. grant a doctoral degree to that deserving minority. Let’s read his thesis.

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The problem is, he's going to be your Doctor.

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All that happens is the universities make tons of money and the rest of us get screwed while that same "phd" retard votes for bernie because he cant pay off his loan.

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and then let him practice on real people only to let the patient sue so they will lose their qualifications in court! genius

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long story short: If you see a job applicant's resume that went to Evergreen State college, throw that garbage in the trash can and go wash your hands.

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Now toilet paper is worth more than a BS in Science from Evergreen . . .

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Here's the thing, at one time Evergreen used to be like a big country club with hardly any students. The entire campus was built in the 70's out of concrete in case there ever was a student revolt/revolution, hence the gun turrets everywhere in the concrete. It's always been an experiment, it seems that now though, the inmates are running the asylum straight into a grave. Without the outlandish and wild thinking that made it great and slightly dangerous it has become a hall of mirrors filled with harpies screeching about White Supremacists, the death-rattle of Academia.

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They weirdly have a clock tower that overlooks the main square that anyone can walk up and set up shop to do a mass shooting at. It is like it is designed for that and just waiting for the right nut to make the walk up those stairs. With all the School Shootings a gaint platform with easy access and a school full of borderline psychos...Even the students joked about it.

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They joked because it has turrets at your feet on every bridge and above ground walkway, they just serve the duel purpose of drainage. In addition to that there are tunnels that run under the campus that get to any location unseen.

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Same story... Wayne State in Detroit to earn a degree without ever having to take Math. They had so many students who could not graduate because they simply could not pass basic math (ie Algebra, Geometry)... so they decided to just let them graduate instead:


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University bubble about to pop.

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