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Haven't read the article yet... I bet none of those rivers flow predominantly through white nations.... Edit: Ding ding Ding Ho Lee Fuk I was correct. Obviously white people should be punished.

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So sick of hearing about that fucking whale or the Atlantic garbage patch or how we should ban straws in the US. Anything short of sanctioning Asian countries for their pollution is environmental virtue signaling.

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The jews have almost all manufacturing in china.

We just can't get in the way of their profits or it would be anti-semite of us to do so.

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Honestly very surprised neither mexifornia nor jew york made the list

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What makes White people naughty rayciss is the fact that they feel disgust.

What makes White countries desirable is that White people act on that feeling by cleaning up what disgusts them.

If the UN were anything more than just a world gibs shakedown racket and assault bureau against White civilizations, it would create its own Environmental Protection Agency to mandate the cleanup of these rivers' discharge points.

Different topic: "Pareto principle" rules the universe.

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The white male patriarchy, in particular you, are responsible for enslaving non-white nations forcing them to effectively pollute in order to reduce stress disorders they suffer under whites.

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Without reading the article, let me take a wild guess, most of those rivers are in India and China. Fucking shitskins and chiks will kill us all.

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You forgot Africa. You were otherwise correct.

Yangtze; Indus; Yellow; Hai He; Ganges; Pearl; Amur; Mekong; and two in Africa – the Nile and the Niger

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And these fucks have ICBMS and nukes

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Interesting. I'm not exactly what you'd call "surprised" about where those rivers are located.

Those places are also disproportionately contributing to other kinds of pollution too. Looks like they're just going for the all around prize.

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Chinks, street shitters and shit skins. Surprise, surprise.

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why not just make it illegal? surely if it can work guns it would for garbage?

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Liberals response, we must cut back our everything and give money to Africa in order to counteract it.

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they are clearly throwing out plastic bottles because they can't afford to buy a nice glass one at Chapters

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Solution: create a dam far upstream, stop the flow of these rivers.

You see? Central planning does work. After all, what could go wrong?

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Nice idea, let it build up and then release all the water at once.. then just sit back and watch the problems all get washed away....

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Maybe those 10 rivers aren't in America or Europe, but somehow this pollution is still the fault of white people. Give them a few days to come up with a reason and figure out how white people will be punished for this.

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