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"Perkins signed up for Rosenberg’s cancer trial knowing there were risks involved. She sent two of her friends with cancer to Rosenberg’s lab for the same treatment and both of them died, NBC reported."

Whoops, they left that out of the headline haha

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Do I have this right? Patient diagnosed with cancer. Doctors estimated 3 months to live. Doctors tried many treatments. Doctors still estimated only a few months. At some point along the way this treatment was given. Cancer in remission. Doctors assume that treatment was the cause of remission, and none of the others were, or the body doing it, or the cancer just going into remission on its own. Doctors now estimate that patient won't die of cancer.

I'm all for repeatable treatments that consistently work, but this is a one-off so far.

Causation is hard.

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the right to try act baby!!!

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No money in a cure, just money in treatment. Pharma companies will put a stop to it if it actually cures a patient.

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(((Dr Steven Rosenberg)))

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Who would possibly trust anything coming from one of these things? https://kek.gg/i/6MnBhp.png

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Interesting - taking out white blood cells from a patient, multiplying them, and then feeding them right back to the patient en masse as a kind of "shock therapy". I am still unsure whether or not the ability to identify mutated cells is something unique to certain white blood cells of Ms Perkins, or whether all humans possess a degree of such cells.

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Yeah from what I've understood it's not any white blood cell, but only those "capable of detecting genetic mutations and fighting cancer. "

But it seems some are capable of that, but they aren't in sufficient numbers to "overrun" the cancerous/mutated cells

I'm not an expert, but if this can be replicated in any given patient, like you always find a percentage of white blood cells "capable of detecting genetic mutations and fighting cancer." and "only" need to isolate them and duplicate them to billions, I don't see why pretty much any given form of cancer couldn't be cured like that.... Given that the organism hasn't been too damaged already by its progression. I mean why would it be limited to breast cancer only?

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I'm waiting to find out if this is actually a guerrilla marketing campaign for a new Marvel movie.

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Didn't this same outlet just rip on trump for right to try?