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For all the SJW getting on his ass I'd like to know what breakthroughs that are a boon to the human race have they done and calling people racist is the exact opposite of what I'm asking for since that is something a moron "which they are" could do. Hell if I was in charge of that lab anyone bitching about the most brilliant person that does not have a groundbreaking idea should be canned right there for complaining about people that are better than them. Yes some people are better than others and this man is one of the better ones. SJW's need to leave the workplace and all work for the lawyers and stay away from people that actually do SOMETHING for a living besides whining like kids "mommy that man hurt my feelings and I'm sad and disgusted can you get him banned from here so I'll feel good about myself". Fuckers should all die for all I care since the world would be a much better place without them for everyone that actually works for a living. These oversensitive pussy's are dogshit for truly mature adults and need to die in a painful manner.

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I thought it was Francis Crick?