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I can think of a few reasons why the answer to this question is "Nothing."

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This experiment shows that thoughts are data.

It's more evidence that one day humans will not be confined to our meat suits because of the unbelievable advancements in science and tech, which is increasing exponentially. Someday We'll be able to download our brain, input our own mind algorithms into exterior vessels, save our memories on to hard drives (so we'll never forget what we know and have experienced) and the blurring between carbon based life and technology will march into great unknowns until science ultimately comes face to face with the soul....only then will the illusions of separation truly dissolve and a singularity will emerge; the absolute completion of the Great Work of the All.

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Someday We'll be able to download our brain

Not happening,whites will be long extinct by then

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is good shit man, funny as fuck.

Keep me away from that tech completely. No mother fucker will have access to my memories and if its on a computer then the government has it. Fuck that.. If it's even possible which i doubt, and if it were you're talking a long fucking time before any of us see that, I won't even be alive.

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This experiment does not show that "thoughts are data". It shows that, in a particular species of well-researched snail, pain stimulus causes a chemical change in their neurons' nuclei, and you can reproduce that chemical change in another snail.

Things it does not show:

  • Humans store memories in the neuron nucleus

  • Humans can have memories extracted

  • Humans can have memories implanted

We still have NO, repeat NO, idea where or how the human brain stores memories, how to extract them, or how to implant them. But we can kinda do a similar thing with snails.

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You could put all my memories in someone else, but that doesn't make them me, and it doesn't make me not me.

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0100100101010101101001010010/endslugmemory Compiled it means "salt is ouch!"

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Smarter snails.

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Maybe equating cell stimulation to memory is absurd. Ignoring what the other 100 billion neurons in the human brain are up to sounds a little more absurd than that.

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Memory is just another way to describe a response modified by the environment.

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They trained flatworms to negotiate a T shaped maze to get food, then ground up the flatworms and fed them to other flatworms who suddenly "remembered" which way to turn. 60 years ago.


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Sounds like experience modifies tata boxes on region specific cells. thus, make a digestable RNA, modify the masses response to stimuli

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That we can speed up the process of instinct? Don't have to just rely on reproduction.

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tell me, how much evolution have you personally whitnessed in your life?

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Hopefully it means the start of being able to program brains to grow a certain way because basic shit like increasing a reflex while amazing to pass on is a far cry from changing a person's brain like in the matrix. That said if you could observe the parts of the brain a kung fu master uses when training you might be able to code rna/dna to grow a brain that is structurally the same in another person at which point they'd probably pick up martial arts like a rain man type autist once they begun training.

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