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It's called reflection.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but the way it read to me was that the person tested knew where the hidden objects were because of where they were not. Which is pretty lame and pathetic to me because this is already known. Yes you “know” something must be behind you if it is supposed to be there but it isn’t in front of you or the sides.

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You understand the methodology correctly, but you're misinterpreting the point of the study. They were observing the learning process involved in constructing a 360°-representation of your surroundings - the research question wasn't "are we able to perceive things that are outside of our visual field", it was "how does the brain construct a complete representation of our surroundings even though we can only see what's in front of us".

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So, it's a misleading title.

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I’m a retired audio guy, I still do it here and there. There is a thing called “room tone” and when you sit in a room the walls and furnature create an unspoken reverb patern when some one walks in the room it changes the reverb and reflections

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I've never heard of this before. Can you give details/link to sources?

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theseres nothing fancy about it. its just psychoacoustics.

if you are outdoors, you can expect lots of randomness, cars, trees, wind people etc.....

if you are in an office alone, you may have a fan unit, a computer hum and those noises will "stop and reflect" when they hit the ceilings and walls.

if a body, or chair gets placed infront of a stationary wall...your ears will notice a subtle diffence in the room tone.

heres some info https://youtu.be/4xMMQkaD3_w?t=69

i can get really really deep on this. but those things arent needed for stuff like that. i HATE it when people pretend to be geniouses just because they have a degree

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That "eyes in the back of my head" bullshit my mom was saying growing up was not a lie 0.0

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I'm gonna setup my desktop like that.

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I wish this study could have been larger - only 40 odd subjects across two trials, there's a lot of room for error here.

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What? Why? How is there a lot of room for error?

n(A)=26, n(B)=29 for the first experiment, n=25 for the second experiment. ANOVAs look good, p values check out. Not gonna bust out my calculator to check the confidence intervals (since I'm not getting paid for this shit), but in my opinion there's actually remarkably little room for error, especially for a Psy study.

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Even creepier, my wife can tell if I look at her when she's sleeping. Her eyes start fluttering, then open.

Why are you looking at me, shell say, then roll over.

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