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I am anxious about uploading my genes through a mobile app. Does it work offline (i.e. in an Android emulator never seeing the outside)?

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Certainly not! How could they get an entire copy of your genetic info to patent if you don't sign the form and send them your info.

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dont think so... :(

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... As well as transfer all your genetic information to a Biotech company that will patent it and then lease the use of that genetic information back to you for a fee.... If you don't think this is coming fast and hard then you are a dim-witted fool.

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send them DNA from a load of horse or cow semen or something kek

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id id a crisper disease test and my results said i got polio, all the cancers, aids, hives, chicken pox, black plague, and then a needle came out and jabbed me and injected some weird silver liquid into my arm :(

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=wmuO_KP5-0E :

Portable CRISPR Kits Can Test You For Many Disease Anywhere - YouTube

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Old tech. My family was in the business for litmus test far various diseases 20+ years ago. Shit was shut down by devil kikes so fuckin' fast they couldn't cut us cheques fast enough. Big pharma is a fuckin' joke. This shit is only allowed to exist because you upload the results on your phone and the data is sold for extreme profit. Simply helping people is a big no-no in the kikes world.

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Could have been an article and easier to read

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Handheld crispr units in every police car, paid for with your tax dollars. Just like handheld alcohol bac tests.

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Hah, a little late for that.

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