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Can someone clarify for a simpleton like my friend? He’s too shy to ask on his own.

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Thermoacoustics enables either waste heat or mechanical vibrations to be converted into other useful forms of energy. For refrigerators, sound waves generate a temperature gradient of hot and cold. The vibrating motion makes cold areas colder and hot areas hotter.

The article states traditional thermoacoustic devices uses fluids to achieve their operation. Fluids present several problems from a handling perspective, and this new invention hints that it may be possible to builld a thermoacoustic device completely using only solid materials.

That's the invention: replacing fluids with solids, thus simplifying the design so much they theorize it could enable wider adoption of thermoacoustic devices.

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My friend says thanks.

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Your friend sounds like a faggot

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Thank you for that thorough and enlightening appraisal. I shall do my best to let my friend know that you think he sounds like a faggot.

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Gdit my shitty refrigerator is noisy enough as it is now they want to make it run on sound?

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Sounds like Brillouin scattering and acoustic optic modulation.

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