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This won't be a problem after the rest of them have been thrown in. If you really want to preserve something that old, don't let people touch it. Otherwise document it extensively with pictures and written assessments.

I don't see any value in those rocks from a long time ago since the people managing those rocks apparently didn't either, hence people picking them up and throwing them in water like any other rock.

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I have to agree with you on this. If they really gave a fuck, they'd at least put up signs, maybe post a guard or a security camera.

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Indeed, if these fossils were valuable for research or any other use, then civilians wouldn't be able to just walk up to them and handle them on a whim.

I'd be enraged if someone broke into a research facility and destroyed ancient stuff that was being studied, but the fact that these objects are just left in the open, exposed to the elements and idiots, simply indicates that they aren't useful. I might be inclined to pick one up as a souvenir, but I can't understand why people would be throwing them for the sake of throwing them. People are amused by the dumbest shit.

How about you pick up one of the millions of ROCKS in the area and throw that instead, morons? Wanna bet these idiots throwing pterodactyl skulls into the water grabbed ordinary rocks covered in bird shit and brought them home as souvenirs?

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Probably roving dindus and beaners.

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My guess was on the chinks tbh.

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Cut their fucking balls off, after a hundred years or so there'll be way fewer stupid assholes.

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Worked for the arab slavers.

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Throw 'em off the cliff and watch them splash. The assholes who are doing this, that is.

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They put up a sign asking people to stop instead of a fence around the reservoir to actually stop them...

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Garbage source.

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Besides the jew that wrote the article, how is it a garbage source?

I mean ... It's got a ton of tracker and ad sites, but it's pretty standard for a click-bait page. Hell, I didn't even see any ads, to tell you the truth, because of NoScript and Ad Nauseum.

And before you say "I'm on mobile" ... that's your own fault. Most sites are cancer when on your phone/tablet.

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Dinosaurs arent even real

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this nigga went to church camp. see you at the next revival brother!

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Jesus isn't even real

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Dinosaurs arent even real

Whether you're serious or not, I'd like to point out to you that when I speak of an all powerful God of all creation I mean just that. It's supernatural. Creating the universe from literally nothing with not even the canvas existing (the XYZt space).

This is what's referred to as a "Creatio Ex Nihilo" event, that when creating something from nothing He could create it in any state desired and you would never know.

Think of it like a videogame, you being the designer, your main character is 25yo, a hero trying to save his girlfriend or something. At the start of every game he's thinking he's 25, when he's really 2minutes old, the 7 billion years he thinks his world has aged has been existing for 2 minutes. When you as the creator hit the play button or tweak the game code are changing his reality, and he'd never know.

I.e. the world could have been created 1 minute ago when you started reading this comment.

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They survived 200million years i see them surviving another 200 million only at the bottom of a lake, but yeah people are fucking ignorant this is why we cant have nice things.