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Just like we knew all along... Any creature that tries to buttfuck things is Fucking Retarded.

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Homosexuality is clearly just another retardation. They think somehow because they are 'born that way' it makes it something to be celebrated. Some people are born with Down Syndrome too. It's not something we cheer and glorify or want for our kids.

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How long before retards are the new gold standard though? Just like gays and trannies are now?

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It’s the new society, man. Celebrate mental illness like gays and transgender (or multigender or whatever they call themselves now) and coddle nogs for being mentally handicapped as well. Down with straight white People. Those are evil monstrosities.

Don’t want to offend anyone. You know, except whitey.

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Look into sexuality studies of identical twins, only 20% of pairs are both faggots, indicating no gay genes.

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Did you even read the article? The male-biased beetle populations saw less homosexual activity, which is the exact opposite of human behavior. This can't be generalized to any animal with a (literal) brain.

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The researchers concluded that, where there was much less pressure to find the right mate, the beetles simply made more mistakes, because they came from an evolutionary background where mistakes are not so costly for reproductive success.

By contrast, in male-biased conditions, where there is much more intense selection on males to find the right mate in order to achieve reproductive success, same-sex matings were less frequent.

No, I think it says something about the state of our society's tolerance for error. We can tolerate an obscene amount of faggotry, because there's no real evolutionary pressure against it. It's not like our civilization will collapse, AND faggots can still donate sperm and reproduce despite never touching a vagina.

Our society is the society where it's okay to make more mistakes, because there's not such a large cost in terms of reproductive success. It is not the highly-competitive society where mistakes bring your species a meaningful step closer to extinction.

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I shamelessly didn’t read the article. I came for the comments only.

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Mentally ill beetles. The jewish beetles probably poisoned their minds through propaganda

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From turkeys to penguins, same sex attraction is the pressure relief valve for natures leftovers that didn't get a top ranked Chad or promqueen contender.

As usual reality doesnt give a shit about our feeels.

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Just like their mentally ill human counterparts.

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Sounds like Ringo and Paul have been keeping secrets from us.

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As expected, they have to include the note at the bottom that this data cannot be reliably applied to humans to avoid hurting people's fee fees. I mean they arent totally wrong about that; it would be unscientific to apply this data to humans, it just bothers me that the journal cares so much about fee fees.

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Homosexuality is a very good thing and completely natural. It's a way for people with defective genes or culture to avoid procreation. Natural selection may save the human race. To speed up the process we just need to help them kill themselves more quickly. "Hey, fag- you haven't lived until you have tried auto-erotic asphyxiation. Go ahead, tie a cord around your throat and hang yourself in the closet. You'll love it. Honest."

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No, it's a way for the normal populace to get fodder for free slave labor in concentration camps as well as for human experimentation materials.

That's the life purpose of fags.

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Maybe they aren't inept. They are just working on a book...

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