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ok that's scientifically weird.

making sodium metal without fire or electrolysis is actually a REALLY huge deal.

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Why? I hate saying it but I'm retarded when it comes to most of the elements and have never heard much about sodium before.

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It's just fundamental geeking out over finding a new way to butter bread. It hasn't been done before​, probably because of how long it takes. And it's not a breakthrough because of the low yields he gets, but still very interesting and new.

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I was also curious. This page has a short list of applications for sodium: https://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=6054

Maybe with the increased accessibility from this discovery, more applications will be found in the near future.

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Sodium is an element.

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He may not use fire, but he still uses electrical heat to heat up the mixture to 230 degrees.

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which is different then electrolysis

if chemical mixing like this is a cooking vat, then electrolysis is a bulky slow cooker with may more dials to fiddle with

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basically any chemical reaction producing pure sodium will be endothermic

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Why does he defend Youtube? He makes a rational point about why they would be more hesitant to shut down a more popular channel, but that simply concedes the more important point. They shouldn’t shut down any channel unless it is flat out being used for illegal activity (such as being a private channel used to actually plan and coordinate bank robberies or terror attacks).

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Yotube doesn't give a rats ass about Illegality. They have open pedophile and child grooming rings. Plus loads of Jihadi Propaganda videos up but the moment you the goyim post shit critical of the jews or step out of line can't have that.

Fuck jewtube. Convince as many people as you can to move to Steemit Dtube Bitchute or any of the other decentralized censorship proof platforms out there.

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They censor 100% along political lines, with zero regard to legality. People need to wake up and realize the jews are playing big brother

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It's more of a matter to move the content creators, really.

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And yet yootube can't get rid of Elsagate videos, even after they are reported...

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It's no secret that YouTube is anti science. Pseudo science is AOK but God forbid someone shows chemistry

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My read on that was that he just doesn't care that much, or maybe has 'the patience to accept the things he cannot change'. Like he said, he hasn't got a huge following on YouTube. And the viewers he does have are probably not the fickle kind that wouldn't follow him to one of his other platforms.

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Sadly he's bending over for them, saying how it's not their fault and we shouldn't blame them.

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I have no clue why so many youtubers cuck out so hard for youtube. "yeah i was just brutally fucked over, but really they're not so bad".

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It's not like they nuked his channel, so he still has stuff to lose.

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Cool, imagine the possibilities. I've always thought sodium or potassium would make great alternatives to lead in bullets. Lead is an environmental toxin that's polluting our forests

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It sounds like a fun experiment from back when youtube wasn't as cucked, maybe something taufledermaus or cody might do, but as a practical product it sounds like a terrible idea. Imagine loading your gun with bullets that might explode if the casing is slightly eroded and they get wet.

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It would make shooting sports much more exciting, though.

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Forest fires.

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It's been done (I think it was The Backyard Scientist) and it doesn't work too well. Na and K are soft low density metals so the bullets end up being low mass so they tend to not penetrate well and to break apart.

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Sodium metals is way too soft and reactive for a bullet. It would probably coat the barrel and burn when fired.

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Maybe inside a hollow point? I really just want to see deer explode

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Then use tin fucknut

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So strange. Whats the big deal with chemistry. It's not like he's making explosives or anything. or is he?

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My guess is either he's playing with something the government has been doing and is classified or some asshole reported it for any reason, then a reviewer just clicked "violates standards" because he couldn't be arsed to actually watch it.

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Anyone that gets excited about chemistry and begins to learn even the basics will find it no problem to make explosives or horribly effective poisons. It's like gun control, and just as ineffective.

Schools have tried to make it as boring as possible, movies make it something for evil villains, politicians make secret watch lists to ensnare young scientists.

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Fuck! I love that guy! Someone should suggest him to keep a backup copy and find a different site to distribute his videos!

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I'm surprised many of the chemistry channels lasted this long.

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