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We're in another dark age. But this time its liberals suppressing science.

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It's always the same crazy people clinging to the ideology du jour. In this case, political correctness, anti racism, and we're all equal.

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It's ALWAYS been liberals, they've just stolen their opposition's name and ruined it.

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And if it was conservatives we would still be monkeys in trees.

Liberal: change at all costs

Conservatives: never change at all costs

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its liberals suppressing science.

Under the orders of their Jewish masters

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Progressives are the flat earthers of genetics.

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Assertions from the left that racial differences in intelligence don't exist, or are not genetic, are just tiresome to read or listen to. The evidence is so overwhelming that intelligence differences do exist between races, and that they are genetic, it really takes some kind of libtard mental gymnastics to pretend otherwise. But these days science is driven by political ideology, not truth.

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You can tell what race something is by how high it jumps, how long it's bones are, how it's eyes are shaped, their blood type, and the list goes on forever...but you can't distinguish by anything that has to do with the brain?

Mental gymnastics level...GODMODE.

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China is winning

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China wins by pulling back from empire and perfecting its own culture and lands. Arguably western culture over-reached its productive contributions ... and is paying for it with perversion & mongrelization. China wants to dodge that bullet ... push humankind for'ard, but can never succeed in contact with corrupt western modes of public faggotry. China absorbed Western developed analytic & economic tools ... to maximize their function China must turn inward.

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By being politically incorrect. But this will only last for a while.

China completely loses the cultural war (to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, overseas Chinese), unfortunately for them. Just look at mainland china music chart and the number of weeb events in China (Shanghai especially, biggest offender, not surprising at all because that's where literally all jews in China resides). Urban Chinese youths are having identity crisis, spend too much time playing video games, and internet addiction is a major problem, while rural Chinese youths are still shitting on the street, and smell as shit as Africans.

Liberalization will be their downfall too, eventually. More and more tolerance towards fags, feminism, and you know where these cultural marxist movement will lead to eventually.

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There's got to be some sort of unintended consequence to what they are doing.

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Anyone with even a small amount of intellectual honesty understands this fact. And just like it's taboo to tell children there is no Santa Clause, it's taboo to say this fact out loud today.

The barn door is buckling, facts are escaping. Society knows it's just a matter of time before acceptance sets in. Then we can live more honest lives and politicians will have to find another source of lies to perpetrate.

This, I have no doubt.

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This is really quite chilling. Whether or not the researcher eventually manages to get this published in a reputable journal, the editorial bias (and not necessarily biased reviewers its worth noting) will be noted by all in academia and these areas of research will be wisely avoided by those whose careers require their papers be published in a relatively timely fashion, aka the body academic. No specific criticisms of methodology or sampling etc., just a rejection based on the subject material. The Royal Society's legacy of empiricism is dying before our eyes.

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They are supressing research not for it's methodology but for it's conclusions... That's about as anti-science as you can get.

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It should be noted that Israel seems to have made itself available as a "safe space" for IQ research.

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The IQ difference has been well documented in the Americas since the WW2 days, it's just taboo to talk about it.

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I worry about the implications of this. what if the case can be made that we shouldnt punish a race as a much as others because they arent capable of understanding their actions?

Would blacks get punished less for equal crimes?

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Race differences are already a concern for disease, as some races are more predisposed than others. Also, different races react differently to some medicine. Hence we have a racial component in the new field of personalized medicine.

It is conceivable that we may investigate a "personalized penal system" too. The justice system is meant to take into account the facts of each case. One aspect that could prove 'problematic' is "personalized deterrent". One of the main values of a prison system is its role as a deterrent to crime. Some groups may require different levels of deterrence than others. For example, generally, men are more law abiding than women.

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I'd generally agree with you, but that can also become very dangerous. It may lead to muzzies getting a lower sentence, or perhaps an acquittal, for rape, for example (or beating people or murdering Christians), because that's part of their culture. They rape all the time, they throw acid in the face of people, and that's just totally normal for the muzzies.

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An admission and declaration like that would result in an immediate revolution/race-war.

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No it wouldn't. It would result in America males sucking more nigger dicks..

If you think america has even the slightest chance of actually revolting - you are mistaken..

Just watch this: Americans have access to Guns but are too feminised to actually take those weapons and go defend their country. (See the recent Caravan crossing the border wall fiasco)..

Now watch as butthurt faggots rally to defend their "freedumbs"

Edit: 4 downvotes, no comments from the butthurt faggots

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It's called affirmative action. When niggars are publicly acknowledged as genetically stupid they all become medical-dependents fit for lifetime Gub'mnt subsidy. Like cripples , only mental cripples. They get that welfare now ... basically ... cause they really cannot function in a 21-st Century meritocracy.

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we shouldnt punish a race as a much as others because they arent capable of understanding their actions?

I think we should stop worrying so much about punishment and instead think about stopping harm (by removing people who cause harm) and/or fixing people where possible.

Here's an analogy I heard once: if your lawnmower constantly throws rocks, do you beat the lawnmower? No. But on the other hand, do you just shrug and say "it can't help it" and continue to let it throw rocks? No, you don't do that either.

We might actually be able to fix a lot of people (meaning, teach them to live in society) if we could dispense with the excuse that their behavior must be caused by our racism. Presently, we're not even trying to help people - to teach them discipline and self control. All we're doing is saying, "it's not your fault." For fuck's sake, if you raise a "high IQ" white male that way, if you tell him nothing is his fault and he can do anything he wants without consequences, he'll end up a spoiled little shit too.

We can improve society a lot just be letting go of the racism excuse.

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precisely right. Great analogy.

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Can someone please answer these questions for me ? If theres a correlation between IQ and race (and that whites score higher) then why do east europeans score lower? Can other factors (other than race) change IQ of person?

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I've not seen the "east europeans" metrics to which you refer but it's hardly surprising if true. For now, I'm happy to assume that it is.

Genetics is a not a simple on-off switch. As @cantaloupe6's post rightly points out, there is a huge number of genetic variables which can express themselves to raise or lower IQ. Accordingly, with regional populations these genetic traits can become clustered.

So for example, if we look at Africa, even though we're talking about blacks, the IQ spectrum ranges from something like 55 - 85 (been a while since I last looked and those numbers may not be exact but they are very close. Certainly ballpark enough for the point). Likewise, for American blacks, the average IQ is 85. Which is believed to be from the injection of European DNA into the black populations. We also see this mirrored in various European colonies in which blacks were commonly used as concubines and secret sex slaves on the side.

The important aspect of this is that even with an influx of European genetics it didn't cause their genetics to express all of the variables which are associated with IQ. Again, it's not an on-off switch. While many may be turned on, many others will not be. Likewise, many which were turned on may be turned back off.

We like to pat ourselves on the back about our understanding of genetics but the simple truth is, we are in our infancy and there are many very basic mechanisms which we do not even begin to understand. In fact, our understanding of RNA and it's active role in DNA and genetic expression is still growing. We now know enough to realize that we barely understand RNA's role.

Also, another factor which can account for clustering is something people don't like to talk about. The simple fact is, you and I are almost certainly the product of at least some inbreeding. This can also account for clustering of regional genetic traits. To learn more about this uncontested and well known issue, read up on Pedigree Collapse. The uncomfortable truth is, that up until the last two hundreds years, it was extremely common to marry your second cousin or closer. While this has largely changed for most Europeans (except for royalty; which is was much more recent) and especially North Americans, it's still very common throughout tribal Asia and the Middle East.

For example: https://www.dutchgenealogy.nl/worst-case-of-pedigree-collapse-ever/

It's also worth pointing out that whites in special in a specific way when it comes to IQ expression. Whites have a much broader bell curve. Which mean while the median IQ is roughly 100, whites have dramatically more retards and geniuses per capita than any other race. Which is almost certainly why whites account for almost all technogical advances. This also feeds into other genetic criteria, such as agreeableness, blah...blah... Basically whites sit at the corner which not only allows for ideas to be created, but widely asserted. Again, this is why whites have historically held so much power. Because the entire power base has been created based on white genetics.

Without whites, the world would literally be throwbacks by hundreds of years. Likewise, for blacks, it would be thousands of years.

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thank you for taking the time to post a detailed explaination and clear some of my confusion. Heres an upgoat you fag.

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There is a correlation between IQ and race. Generally, blacks score lowest, then whites and then Chinese. To what extent is IQ determined by Nature (genetics) rather than Nurture (environment)? I seem to remember it being estimated at 70% genetics, 30% environment.

I am not familiar with studies on Eastern Europeans scoring lower on IQ scores than other groups. (Which ones? Western Europeans?) It might be that the better nutrition and healthier environment has helped groups similar to Eastern Europeans improve their IQ, relative to their Eastern counterparts.

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Thanks bro. i saw a list of countries and their IQs and i was confused to see eastern europeans scoring as low as 90. I thought genetics alone determind IQs .

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Do East Euros score lower IQ? Not the ones I know . Anyrate, concrete, culture-relevant knowledge slip into the best attempts to write tests of pure combinatoric/analogic function. If you can't read or do maths most any IQ test will tank. Contrawise, intense tutoring can produce a short-term 15-pt IQ swing thru simple identification skills. IQ truth is both obvious and non-trivial.

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500 genes found related to IQ in 2016 from 200k samples, explain a 10% difference; a newer study has 1M samples. (It won't be exactly linear.) https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610339/dna-tests-for-iq-are-coming-but-it-might-not-be-smart-to-take-one/

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