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Spoiler: the cancer definitely will kill them. The chemotherapy at least gives them a chance.


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Chemo is our attempt at slowly poisoning ourselves and hoping it kills the cancer first. Agree with you,we know the cancer will kill us.

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[–] ZenAtheist 4 points 14 points (+18|-4) ago 

These "alternative medicine" nutjobs think that apricot pits and crystal power are viable options to treat cancer.

We've known forever that chemo is dangerous and can kill you, but there is no other treatment linked to cancer remission.


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Is that right?


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Unless it was a wrong diagnosis and they don't have cancer in the first place. How many of the "cured" cancer patients were actually misdiagnosed?

No one really knows. The patient has no idea, the doctor doesn't care and media has no interest in pursuing it.


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On a related note, I recall a study about early detection of breast cancer. As an unintended result, it turned out that either 20 or 25% of those diagnosed with early detection did not go on to develop cancer without treatment. The conclusion was that there is a high rate of spontaneous remission. I think spontaneous remission is normally discounted by the medical community, unless it occurs simultaneously with treatment. My understanding is that the body is constantly developing and fighting off, via the immune system, tiny cancers. Occasionally, one grows large. If chemo weakens the immune system, one becomes a sitting duck for an remnants of the old or to new cancers that develop.

Any thoughts? @meowski

also @AmaleksHairyAss


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Hopefully AI will make it more certain and much less expensive to get a second opinion from an oncologist.


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Also weed is really good at counteracting some of the worst side effects of chemo. Edibles are stupid and have no medical value for chemo because they cause nausea and horrible body dysphoria if you take even just a little bit too much. But inhaled (vaporized, or if you're a dumbass, smoked) is pretty fucking good at killing nausea and encouraging appetite while distracting you from pain.


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I know a guy who claimed to have cured himself by consuming extremely large amounts of hash in cold smoothies. Even if you get nausea & dysphoria, you still get CBD and other chemicals into your system, so I can't see they are of no medical value.