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Well put, and quite true.


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Yes, The peer review process is badly damaged by powerful vested interests manipulating the results to suit themselves and the standard model of physics is a very dead parrot indeed thanks to CERN and the research into Cold Fusion.


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Research is hitting a wall. And all it takes is a single breakthrough to knock it down.


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https://archive.fo/2BAuG :

Is Science Hitting a Wall? - Scientific American Blog Network

'Here are a few (and see also my follow-up to this post, “Is Science Hitting a Wall?', "Readers also sent me these comments:Andrew Odlyzko, mathematician: I don't think science is hitting a wall."

'It must question the value of research and “innovation” and weigh the costs and benefits of different scientific enterprises. '

'They cited projects, such as the Center for Open Science and Stanford’s Meta-Research Innovation Center, aimed at making science more transparent, reliable and efficient. '

'Isn’t that, ultimately, what science is about?*When science regresses. '

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The wall that science is hitting is corruption, cheating, and a lack of ethical values, caused by the decline of Christianity and the influx of non-white, non-Christian men and women into the science field. Christian values kept Western science on the path of truth. Today we have such farces as the man-made global warming hypothesis, which is a complete fraud yet has consumed billions of dollars in resources. But that's only the largest and most obvious fraud -- today's science is literally riddled with plagiarism, faked data and complete fabrication of results, from the universities' undergrad theses right on up to the most prestigeous science journals. Science today is driven by politics, greed, and emotionalism. The increase in the number of women involved in science has certainly played a significant role in this shift, but so has the decline in moral values and the influx of non-white, non-Christians ... which, of course, no one in the media or in the universities has the balls to even discuss openly.


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This is some dumb shit. If I ever wanted to know anything scientifically I wouldn't ask economists. "What is the most politicized "science"?", ECONOMICS. Period.