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The title is wrong. Enzymes do not eat things, they do not even live. They're chemical compounds that lower the energy needed for certain chemical processes to start, i.e. it makes those processes start easier. They're catalysts which means they don't get used up in the chemical process. Other living microorganisms eat it or it gets broken down by other processes.

It's like how they add enzymes to washing products so that you can wash your clothes at lower temperatures.


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Thanks. There was a lot of misunderstanding here. Still if the bacteria got loose and started eating all the plastic guns, only us fudds would have any firearms left.


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Well everything is dangerous when you lose control over it. A possible solution is to create the enzyme so it only binds to specific types of plastic. An other option is to develop enzyme inhibitors, chemical compounds that bind to enzymes and deactivate them. Anyway, I understand the fear of people but I think it's blown a bit out of proportion.