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Cant imagine how this could go wrong...

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It's not like plastic piping and fasteners are ubiquitous... Oh.

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Yeah but the jews probably own all the companies that will replace all of this shit so oy vey

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Yup. My thoughts exactly.

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Plastic eating bacteria sounds like it would lead to new problems that would require new and expensive solutions.

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This is how grey goo starts.

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I don't think that scenario is in any way realistic: It's unlikely we'll be able to produce an organism more capable of eating everything than what billions of years of evolution has already achieved.

Plus, if it were possible, the universe would be full of it: We're very likely not the oldest technologically advanced race.

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Worst case scenario the enzymes start eating people due to all the plastic we ingest.

Best case scenario we discover a way to use these enzymes in our own bodies, letting them eat up plastics we've ingested and thusly keeping us safe from any dangers that come with ingesting small amounts of plastic on a regular basis.

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no only your fancy new heart valves

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Easy there David hogg

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I tried to reply but everything in my house fell apart.

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The title is wrong. Enzymes do not eat things, they do not even live. They're chemical compounds that lower the energy needed for certain chemical processes to start, i.e. it makes those processes start easier. They're catalysts which means they don't get used up in the chemical process. Other living microorganisms eat it or it gets broken down by other processes.

It's like how they add enzymes to washing products so that you can wash your clothes at lower temperatures.

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Thanks. There was a lot of misunderstanding here. Still if the bacteria got loose and started eating all the plastic guns, only us fudds would have any firearms left.

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Well everything is dangerous when you lose control over it. A possible solution is to create the enzyme so it only binds to specific types of plastic. An other option is to develop enzyme inhibitors, chemical compounds that bind to enzymes and deactivate them. Anyway, I understand the fear of people but I think it's blown a bit out of proportion.

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Cher better watch out.

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I swear there was a stranger things or something about a world where there was a bacteria that ate all petroleum based products. Peanut oil became the most valuable commodity

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some scientists almost wiped out every living thing on the face of the earth when they made a bacteria that excreted alcohol.


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That article is garbage but holy fuck that's terrifying.

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Yeast excretes alcohol without creating ill effects

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Futurama did an episode like that

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I like how a good number of scientists involved with the manhattan project honestly believed setting off the atom bomb would set the atmosphere on fire.

And did it anyway.


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These bacterias are only eathing PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate). Most other forms of plastic are not PET. No need to worry unless you are a plastic bottle.

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Invest heavily in peanut oil production facilities, peanut futures, peanut products distribution network, etc. then release the mutant bacteria....

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Buy LegumeCoin

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I'll ask the obvious question. What happens when they start eating plastic we don't want eaten?

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It'll probably be like wood. It rots, and it needs to be treated.

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and then when the treated plastics start being polluted?

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I vaguely recall some car company, I think Toyota, using environmentally friendly insulation in their wiring, then come to find out rodents etc would actively seek out and eat said insulation because it was nutritious.

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There were several companies that went that route. We never had our wires chewed. Could be luck, could be our cat. But we've had the car 16 years and the cat for 2.

The car companies (they are being sued) say that rodents will chew up any wiring if you have an infestation, and they aren't wrong.

Ever seen what rodents will do to wiring in a house with normal insulation?

People that have mice and are worried about their cars have taken to pepper spraying the wiring, or buying special pepper tape to wrap the wires in.

Edit: not sure who else besides toyota and lexus, and pretty sure toyota makes lexus.

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I vaguely recall some car company, I think Toyota, using environmentally friendly insulation in their wiring,

That's just fucking stupid. The last thing I want to be biodegradable is insulation.

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Was it created by Fukushima though?

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There are mushrooms that can break down plastic too

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https://archive.fo/lkhy0 :

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles | Environment | The Guardian

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