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What is rarely seen these days is an academic with courage. Professor Richard Lynn is such a man. Despite terrible social pressure against him, he has pursued scientific inquiry into the heated domain of "race and intelligence". He cares about the truth, unlike the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) student activists who wish to censor it and prevent science, as the truth does not support their ideology.

Remember the old saying, "In war, truth is the first casualty." Scientists like Richard Lynn are on the front line of reality. He, and scientists like him, who dare speak the truth and conduct impartial science need all our support. If you can't even speak the truth in our society these days, or conduct science, what kind of country are we anymore?

This decision by the administration at Ulster University is an act of treachery, cowardice and weakness. If you value Freedom of expression and Freedom of inquiry, denounce this scandal and demand support of scientists, particularly those who work in highly controversial areas.

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Ulster University brags on its website that it is going to host a "prestigious brain mapping conference".

I suppose Richard Lynn's attempt to establish the truth were not 'prestigious' enough for them, the scum. The conference should consider withdrawing in protest. How long until brain mapping begins to show 'less than prestigious' findings which in turn will need to be denied.

Fuck these people. And fuck those who undermined the strength of the administration that it reached this point. There should be an outcry.

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Another formerly prestigeous university embarrasses itself.

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Formerly Ulster University was a collection of second tier institutions that got university status when the government decided to expand the number of people going to university and renamed a large number of second tier institutions mostly called polytechnics to university. The first tier university in Northern Ireland is Queen's University Belfast. The old Polytechnics were designed to produce highly skilled workers and some professionals, not to duplicate the work of research universities - although from day one the academic staff there found ways to do research.

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Richard Lynn Official Website: http://www.rlynn.co.uk/