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Tyranny against citizens. Corporations own robots and dictate their behavior. This law is just another attempt to subvert people in favor of feudal corporations.

The EU can't die fast enough.

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Don't think it has too long left. Many have tried to unite Europe in modern times, all have failed. Fact is we just don't like each other, and people will never really regard themselves as European (although I suspect the 'refugee' crisis is a hamfisted attempt to make us embrace such an identity)

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Clay and iron dont mix well.

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Inanimate bill of Rights.

Non sentient bill of Rights.

People who declare their mental illness to the world.

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How can robots have rights??? They aren't self-aware; this is like granting 'rights' to a fucking screwdriver.....

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At some point I got a job interview by a law firm which main guru layer was into it

I've watched videos of him on the tube, and he was like "a self driving car has 2 options to avoid collision; Drive into car a and kill a family of 3, drive into car b and kill the passengers (don't remember what were those passengers) or drive off the cliff and kill its passenger/driver." Who's responsible? The guy who wrote the algorithm? The driver/owner of the car? Or the car itself?"

So he basically advocated that, in such no win situation, someone had to be held accountable and it should be the "smart" car

Well of course he was yet another case of a lawyer with a chosenite syndrome

But that was he "reasoning", why advocated for a right of the machines

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A robotic car has already run over and killed a human- we've already lost the battle before it even starts!

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Ah the good old EU, always on hand with an answer to a question nobody was asking.

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The EU is coming apart at the seams. Starting with allowing the African Muslim invasion.

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17 days

Shameless clickbait. Shameful faggot.

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So what entails this bill of rights?

The closest I could find seems like more of a Bill of Restrictions.

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