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I read elsewhere that there were psychedelics being used to treat ptsd and that the success rate was incredibly high. Unfortunately, as with most illegal substances, research and testing for medicinal uses is hamstrung by draconian anti drug legislation.

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It's actually MDMA that is being used for PTSD patients. MDMA is an empathogen and not a psychedelic.


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And LSD and psilocybin and a million other things...

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Really? Voaters could use some empathogens. To get over the Manichean good vs. evil attitudes and try to understand the motives of other people.

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and perfect for parties, loved up baby!

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This, perhaps?

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Well they aren't going to let the sheep get that treatment.

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i have ptsd and ocd, klonopin works fine. xanax works too. we have enough drugs out there making jews rich.

it seems like there is a loophole on the right, they are against most jew bullshit including big pharma and monsanto, until weed, lsd and other recreational drugs come into the discussion, then all is good. i geuss the rationalization is legalizing all drugs which makes sense.

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Anti-anxiety drugs aren't really a proactive fix, they are reactive drugs. Furthermore Benzodiazepines are linked to Alzheimer's.

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Feeling sad? Forget doing some exercise or getting out of the house... Get yourself into a k-hole, stat! Retarded.

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Once you're clinically depressed the last thing you're going to do is run a 5k. Exercise is a preventative only.

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Don't run a 5k. Do martial arts. It helps cure you of being a whiner.

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Depression is a thing that exists dudebro.

If Dwayne Johnson can have it I don't think lifting cures everything.

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Guess you'll just have to crawl in a hole and die then, oh well. I don't like lifting either. I do martial arts. Nothing cures depression like choking your friends 3x a week.

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Richard fucking Feynman used ketamine to help him get out the depression he developed after the death of his wife. We've known how useful in treating and curing depression for decades, but (((big pharma))) doesn't want cures, especially cures that can't be patinated.

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Ketamine was great when I was in the burn ward. Kept my anger in check when they had me doing physio in between fentanyl injections.

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Hallucinogenics changes a person. However if your foundation is built upon lies and self deception built up over a lifetime hallucinogenics will ruin you. the psychosis and destruction of self i have seen in people. is two things over use or identity problems. the brain eating itself trying to keep the lie going but it cant anymore because to many walls have been broken down.

The problem with most humans is they need to believe in something even if its a lie and when you remove the wall they built to maintain that lie the hubris the pain the destruction they have wrought can destroy them. This is why hallucinogenics are dangerous to the establishment. It removes the barriers enforced by society and programmed by television.

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"its all the fault of the system!" No, its the fault of the psychedelic drugs, period.

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Ketamine its a dissociative, not a psychedelic. Its effects are more like nitrous oxide than LSD.

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Truth juice - served chilled.

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That's fairly accurate, I think. But I guess it comes down to a matter of degrees.

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I knew people that had several bottles of that, twenty years ago.. They went to different vets with a sick cat and said that they wanted to put it down at their own home. Then, they got a syringe and measured out doses that they squirted onto gum and chewed it. They weren't taking enough to k-hole, just to sedate themselves. (They were shitty people.. and I think they're dead, now. They also used to squirt formaldehyde onto cigarettes.. They bought that from a guy that lived in a funeral home.)

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Yeah good luck getting drugs from a vet to take home unless you're in a very rural area and the vet is a good friend and doesn't actually believe you're going to get high.

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That was 20 years ago and, yes, this is a very rural area.

With today's climate, though, I don't imagine it would be as easy to pull off as it was back then.

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I tried and it worked for bout a month or 2.

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Yeah, but it will also fuck you up. I find Pink Floyd to have fast-acting benefits for my depression as well. I'd rather listen to Dark Side of the Moon with a scotch than lock up get fucked from ketamine.

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I had some and was standing at funny angles, almost, but not quite, blissfully aware of the strange shapes my body was making. It is strange and kind of interesting, but not addictive in my experience. Certainly gave me a giggle.

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