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Where's the cure? We've been waiting for a cure, and waiting, and waiting, but we will never get it. Do you know why? Because there is no profit in cures, only in the treatment of symptoms.

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Yeah, I've been posting that for years. Even worked in a non-invasive bg monitoring startup company in the states. Actually, we published our research in a magazine (this was years ago) and voila, we were SUED! To stop production! I mean, we were in the research and proof phase only. But to cover their asses, the pharmaceutical companies that made blood strips, etc. wanted us gone. Forget the diabetics, it's about the bucks. A cure?Yeah, right. Never in my lifetime; I was told there was a cure "around the corner" decades ago. They keep curing diabetes in mice though, good for the mouse community. Worthless, junk science to protect the existence of the actual disease.

And to the idiot below who believes that eating food makes you a diabetic, here's this: you know English since you can type. That means you may be able to read, too. Do it.

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The vast majority of Type 2 diabetes cases are caused by diet...

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The cure is diet. It's been known for 100 years. Literally 100 years. They have even cured Type 1 with diet, although I doubt it's workable for everyone.

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Eat less.

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Stop cramming sugar down your piehole. Cured 90% of the time.

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Whoever put together this article must have the New York Post's headline writers on retainer, because that shit is pure gold.


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Viva la bloodless revolucíon

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Seems cool, but honestly, needle sticks aren't that bad. If this thing is cheaper than test strips, then it's a good thing to buy. If it isn't, well, it's a waste if money.