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Who grades the subjective questions?

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Female teachers?

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How CAN you grade a subjective question?

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Easily, for a good grad just tell what the teacher wants to hear.

The curtains are not blue, they are something to make up shit for 3 pages.

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Same way you rate a movie.

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Essay questions for literature. Most essay questions in general actually. Punctuation, grammar, everything you would grade on a paper pretty much. Women are known to be better at language arts while men are better at math so something like this isn't veery surprising.

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Ding ding ding!

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That's the key question, I think. Is there a difference in scores that depends on whether it's women or men doing the grading?

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Part of the reason we are fucked -- too many women in science, in government, in law, in business. They don't think the way men think, and their thinking is not just different, it is inferior when it comes to rational analysis of problems.

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They make sexy parakeets, but when a woman isn't repeating what a man said she sounds like a child.

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Damn... You know I typically agree with a lot on this site.

I hate fat pieces of shit trying to say they are healthy at every size. I hate whiney liberal cunts that use feelings instead of facts. I am a firm believer that race and sex do create statistical diferences in psychology and intelligence.


I also fucking hate stupid girls.

I know plenty of very inteligent girls though. More inteligent than myself or likely anyone posting on this thread. I'm sure that just triggered many people's feelings. Get over it. Smart girls exist.

If you only know girls that sound like children when they talk, who do you date? Are you planning on being single forever? Or do you let your boyfriend shoot his load in your ass?

Seriously. I'd never put my dick in a girl that sounded like a child. That's fucked up. I'm also not a faggot.

Thank God there are smart girls out there.

You can take all the slutty stupid girls that talk like children or suck however many cocks you want. None for me thanks.

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It's not that it's inferior, it's a balance and both of these complement each other. When you have too much of either of these as it creates issues in society.

We're seeing in the West an overwhelming amount of subjective thinking at this moment.

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When you have too much of either of these as it creates issues in society.

You mean like Western Civilization? That's a huge problem amirite Berniebruh? Let's burn it all down and start fresh!!11!!1``~!~!@~!@$@!

Seriously though, do you people even think through to the logical conclusion of the bullshit you spew? Whether you believe in womens right to vote or not, you have to realize that Western Civilization, the 10% of Earth that has any amount of freedom, was not created by women. It was created by a society of men. Plain and simple. I always grew up thinking it was insane how women used to be treated, not being allowed to vote etc etc. It seemed wrong to me. The more I learn however...

And of course this fucking retard has a Anime fetish.

edit; Just incase you somehow missed it, as I didn't specifically state it -- Our society was largely dominated by Men. Largely "objective" thinkers. There was a massive "imbalance" of that, a large majority of "objective thinkers" leading up to what I would call "civilized" society. My point here is you're trying to say an imbalance is bad and creates issues in society, but we've never really had a balance in the first place. There are zero actual examples of a balance being beneficial. Meanwhile, following your thinking, there's a massive amount of evidence that shows "objective" thinking and male dominated societies led to the freedom that our 10% of the globe experiences.

I think the last time we had a proper balance like you're describing was towards the end of the Roman empire. Neat that. It's as if certain trends keep repeating themselves over thousands of years, and even with all that knowledge there are still idiots such as yourself who choose to be blind to it all.

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You may be right statistically.

However have you ever dated an inteligent rational woman? Usually they hold contempt for the stupidity of other women.

Sexy and inteligent? Hell yeah. Yes please. I can't date someone that won't debate with me about politics, morality, and existence using only rational arguments instead of "feelings."

Also like, any girl that like talks like this, like, please jump, like, in a fucking fire.

Smart girls exist. Don't fool yourself into thinking they don't. You'll miss out on true companionship.

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Wanna know what made them so smart? Fathers, good ones. Wasn't the mother I'll tell you that

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All females are subject psychological spatial disorder, more so during ovulation, as a result a females perspective is skewed, unstable and easily manipulatable!

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lol what the fuck is a subjective question? let me guess, one in which someone gets the chance to talk about being a girl so the women reading it know to score her higher

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"What did the artist mean when he put that chair over there?" is a subjective question.

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"Please calculate the tensile strength of this suspension bridge so it does not collapse and kill people?" is an objective question.

Which one is more important to everyone? Hint:

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how is one subjective answer better than another?

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You can't just say one subjective answer is better than the other, that's what makes it subjective. In the case of school it is either compared to some predetermined "correct" answer or to what the grader thinks the right answer to be.

What the study should say is females are better at guessing what they believe other people want to hear.

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yes. it actually is... its exactly that, it actually just looks like female bias

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Who'd have thunk boys are smarter at sticking to facts instead of bullshitting about the facts.

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LOL! When he reloads it's hilarious!

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I bet that a lot of the fact that girls are better at the subjective/open questions has bias due to women being a higher proportion of the graders or handwriting legibility or something of that nature. Really, the questions is how does one objectively grade an open ended question? Are boys being penelized for answers that vary from some expected format, regardless of the content of the answer within some nonstandard format? This study invokes more questions than anything imo.

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And who would have thought that boys being in STEM and girls in human resources wasn't just coincidence.

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