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This is one of the peculiar stupidities of our side of the political spectrum. I grew up surrounded by people who said:

"I ain't descended from a monkey! Evolution is a lie!"

It is a theory rich in facts and evidence. And you have to fundamentally misunderstand it to say that.

Now we have slightly more enlightened people on the right saying:

"I ain't come from a nigger! We never started in Africa!"

It's the same fucking misconception! You're confusing our fight against "diversity" and identify politics with core scientific theories.

Whether you like it or not - white and black and Asian and fucking Pygmies are all the same species, and we have a common ancestor.

Now whether we have diverged into various sub-species is a possibility, but this whole "I'm not from Africa" nonsense has got the process completely backwards.

We are also primates and share a common ancestor with all other primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees. And this is likely in Africa anyway.

They thought that homo sapiens originated in Africa because that's where we found the oldest fossils!

And a million years ago, Africa wasn't "Niggerland - Home of AIDS and rape"... It was just a place.

This is our own version of fucked up identity politics, and it smells like we're being played.

For fuck's sake.


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Africa wasn't "Niggerland - Home of AIDS and rape"... It was just a place.



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Unfortunately the story of us all evolving from the same ancestor and yet still being equal today, makes no sense to me.

I live in a country that's led me to believe we're all created equal. Created equal, not that we're all equal at all times.

I'm to believe someone that chooses to spend their time only hurting others is equal to someone that only helps others, yet still have the ability to differentiate between people and things?

I see no line in the sand on this topic that doesn't get washed away with more examples of today.

If we're from the same ancestor why wasn't Africa empty after a prolonged period of time after some already flourished and word got back it was easier elsewhere?

If the latitude is all that determines our race, why aren't civilizations, across continents, like races?


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Still wrong. Nomadic people do not have geographic parameters. The earth's crust is a dynamic shell and we are merely atop of it, not inside, within, underneath. We are not turtles, born in our home.


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prior research was this: human 0.1 through 0.9 evolve in africa into niggers, 1.0 are the niggers that left africa and turned into people

current research is this: human 0.1 through 0.7 evolve in africa into niggers, 0.7 branches out across the world, each turning into their own weird version of 0.x. in europe they are neanderthals, in asia they are denisovans, in deep africa (the shit parts we marginalized them to), are the 0.7 niggers.

in the northern parts of africa, a variant of 0.7 turns into 1.0, the "anatomically modern homo sapiens". these people spread across the world -- to europe, to asia, and to sub-saharan africa. when the people go to europe, they eat and fuck neanderthals and make white people (white skin is pure neanderthal dna). in asia they eat and fuck denisovans (shoveled incisors that chinks have is denisovan trait, so is the sherpa ability to endure high altitudes). in africa they eat and fuck the old niggers, resulting in this grotesque sorta-human that we have today.

blacks literally are humans that bred with an older, shittier version of humans. this shitty version of humans lived in sub-saharan africa, they went across the indian ocean coast and hit up india, papua new guinea, and australia. that's why aboriginal australians look like a weird form of nigger. they really are, too.

africa was basically the "old desktop" folder of human evolution, with nooks of dead ends and old projects all living in randomass places on the huge and impenetrable continent. there is more genetic difference between any two major tribes in africa than there are between any two humans that aren't african. whites and asians are closer to each other than different tribes of niggers.


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This might be the most reasoned out explanation of race diversity I have ever read.. good work


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If white skin is pure Neanderthal, then is blonde hair and blue eyes from them too? Or is it the Neanderthal dna mixed with africa 1.0 dna eventually produced white?


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Nobody is denying that hominids evolved originally in Africa, or that archaic human species like Homo Erectus, the Neandertals, Denisovans, etc. evolved in and then left Africa.

However, the question is whether all these archaic humans were replaced by a single group of modern humans who arose in Africa relatively recently (Out of Africa Theory), or whether those archaic humans continued to evolve and inter-marry with different modern human populations over a much longer period of time (Multi-Regional Hypothesis.)

I tend to lean towards the latter theory, but I’m far from a racist or a science denialist.


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People often forget that we have sequenced DNA from hominids up to 400,000 years. We don't have to guess at this.

The only question is if political pressure on the scientific community keeps the most accurate information regarding race from the general public. But it is attainable.


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We already know the answer to that question.

The arise of Homo Sapiens was a replacement event in Europe and hybridization event in Asia and elsewhere. There are a few hold out populations some of them pretty large but none untouched by H. Sapiens genetic imput.

We don't find archaeological evidence to support replacement or displacement by violence so we assume Homo Sapiens just outbreed everyone. A homo sapien female can have 2 babies a year in a best case breeding scenario. No other large primate can do this.

Note: One of the things interesting about the replacement of Neanderthals is that their contribution to our modern genetics is purely matrilineal.


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There is a slightly better presentation of the multi-regional hypothesis here:


Again, it is not very recent. I wouldn't be surprised if academic research pursuing this area leads to a rapid end of one's career.


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Out of Africa has been debunked for well over a decade, it will just never be taught mainstream because blacks are sensitive and over emotional and wouldn't be able to handle it. Your post is from 2014 and see how much traction it's gotten, there's been much more evidence uncovered since then too.


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They can't handle not being Kangs


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I should have added 2014 to the title, but it was "news" to me, and I thought probably news to others, too. It was, if anything, suppressed news.

I am also hoping that those with relevant stories incorporating more recent data might be able to link content.


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The comment section in that article is pretty entertaining.


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If I understand this correctly, my forefather was not a nigger. 😊


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That was never a question to begin with, really. "All humans were originally from a tribe of blacks" is how the (((media))) spun one archeologist speculating that the human mitochondrial eve may have "possibly [originated] in Africa". That all humans were niggers once was never a hypothesis with any evidence, it just useful to Marxists and their Jew masters.


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It was debunked by Russians a few decades ago. Has it finally been accepted by the West?


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I read a meme once that went something along the lines of "theres less genetic difference between subspecies of many animals than between the 'races' of humanity."

We're fucking different, whites, blacks, asians, jews, and anyone that doesn't recognize that doesn't have a clue.


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This discussion should amuse the AI that looks into this. When your talking biomass IQ of 10 or 20 points and AI is giving us 100 IQ points via bio enhancements the AI advanced biomass will only see animals.


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Bolsheviks have their own, often stupid approach to many subjects.May they feel like gorillas,it is not my prob.

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