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If they could make nanobots that would perfectly replicate all the cells of the human body it wouldn't be far fetched to assume that doing the replacement one cell at a time could make you immortal in robot form. Once all's said and done though it would be boring being stuck as a human form robot especially when you could be a space ship that explores the universe so upgrades that change the fundamentals of your humanity and therefor soul would be available and each step you take away makes you less of the person your ego believes itself to be. Eventually there would be nothing left of what you initially wanted to preserve anyway so in a way you slowly suicide by trying to be immortal in the first place.


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Seems like some people who deride the idea of that you have a human soul as a vainglorious delusion, will pursue some other unfounded fantasy of immortality -- this one being that your mind is a program that can be uploaded to an Xbox.