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100% correct article.

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Thank You

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yeah... if you're a fucking retarded drone...

' The researchers verified the accuracy of the stories by consulting fact-checking websites that investigate media information and widely circulating rumors -- like snopes.com and factcheck.org. '

who the fuck are you morons posting and upvoating this dog shit ?

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Makes sense. Fake news is spread because someone reads something that confirms their world view so they feel the need to share it to prove that they were right all along. A bot can't hardly spread news(fake or not) unless its being followed/friended by a bunch of people.

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Well Said. Thank You

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they spread things like that as news 9FF854FA24ED7D012E6939E24997167342CF16995DE6054F2B27708A383A7D4B2BAD18DE8BBE9D295BD03F4E57E4F410F80AC74DD0B819D660EBD953C28938D4

go figure