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Are you Falcon sure, Elon? Musk vows Big Rocket will go up 2019 • The Register

"SpaceX and Tesla chief Elon Musk assured the audience at Austin, Texas media 'n' tech megafest South by Southwest last night that his big rocket would fly next year."

'Musk went on to say he was "trying to recalibrate to some degree" before unleashing the usual hyperbole on the eager audience. '

'But Musk soon turned doom-monger, returning to his pet topic of AI taking over the world. '

'Regarding the upcoming Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) he plans to send to Mars, Musk told his interviewer that SpaceX is "building the first ship now and will be able to do short up-and-down flights some time in the first half of next year". '

' When asked about his embryonic satellite internet relay network, Starlink, he jokingly referred to it as "Skynet". '

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