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After all, if the world is not under imminent peril from climate change, who will listen to—and fund—the prophets of doom?

He really stuck the landing.

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I thought the "global warming" train left a long time ago, and "catastrophic climate collapse" was their new sacred cow?

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Oy vey how will they ever get the kosher world tax scheme through now?

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No no no. You must accept (((our))) brilliant socialist solutions or you will die a horrible death.

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Controlling carbon would be controlling life itself. Carbon based life forms mean anything to you? The goal is absolute control. They don't give two fucks about socialism, toolbag.

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The only thing they have ever been able to control was the cocaine and heroin trade. Science is beyond them.

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Socialism is a step towards (((Communism))) and totalitarian control. Many (((Globalists))) and (((Communists))) have commented on this and their plans towards totalitarian control that (((they))) openly discuss all the time. So yeah (((they))) give two fucks about socialism, niggerfaggot. It’s a Kike thing...

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It bows my mind that they are still going on about the man made global warming which does not exist. Did I miss something about the GSM?

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The most likely source of global warming is overbreeding of subsaharan cannibals, who are breathing out and farting out all that gas.