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But have they isolated the eletromagnetic component of the diamonds from interacting? Is this why it is super cold?

How do they know that the diamonds have fallen enough? What if gravity has thermal time, that takes the span of the universe to correlate?

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https://archive.fo/RE8bb :

Will the Quantum Nature of Gravity Finally Be Measured? - The Atlantic

'After all, even the most sensible theoretical arguments for the existence of quantum gravity lack the gravitas of experimental facts. '

'The search for the full theory of quantum gravity has been stymied by the fact that gravity’s quantum properties never seem to manifest in actual experience. '

'Witnessing the “grin” of quantum gravity would help motivate these abstract lines of reasoning, some experts said. '

'The papers contend that it’s possible to access quantum gravity after all—while learning nothing about it. '

'Quantum gravity is so imperceptible that some researchers have questioned whether it even exists. '

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show me a scientific model of how you hold trillions of gallons of water around a ball

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show me a scientific model of an atmosphere surrounded by a vacuum with only gravity separating the two.

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that's not a scientific model

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I dropped out of high school and spent decades abusing alcohol and I know more about the universe than your fairy tale book. That piece of shit book couldn't even get the opening lines right. The very first verses show an astounding level of ignorance about the earth, the stars, light, geography, gravity...

It isn't worth the paper it's written on. Best use, wipe the shit off your ass with it.

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Lol... You wouldn't know the difference between your asshole and a hole in the ground. Clearly that's why you think Bible paper would make good toilet paper.

Actually, I'm curious... What is this special knowledge you claim to know about the Universe? How would the opening lines of your liquor induced religious text go?

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I dropped out of high school and spent decades abusing alcohol and

... you should have stopped there

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"The ball" is surrounded by water for the same reason that rocks sink.

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i like noodles