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https://archive.fo/yLaWo :

Daylight-saving time is bad for you - Business Insider

"And there's some debate as to how much energy DST actually saves."

'"Our data suggest this rhythm is resistant to the arbitrary changes in clock time with daylight-saving," the researchers wrote. ', "Daylight-saving time (yes, that's the right way to say it) was created during World War I to decrease energy use."

'The hormone cortisol peaked almost a full hour later — 58 minutes to be exact — during daylight-saving time than it did after daylight-saving time ended, their analysis showed. '

'A study published in 2008 in the journal Sleep and Biological Rhythms found an uptick in suicides in Australian men during the first weeks after daylight-saving time. '

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Which makes sense why only conservative areas don't observe it

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And there are a bunch of people here who think the idea was created for farmers. Odd that they if anyone don't observe it.

It was invented to save engery during WWI.

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It's been invented and re-invented a lot longer than WWI. It never sticks because it's fucking worthless. Except now, when it can be used to kill people who work for a living (or live solely to work).

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If it weren't for articles like these I wouldn't have noticed the time change.

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I hate Daylight Saving time. I lose my sleep rhythm and feel minor "jet lag" for a week for no reason. It had its use, but it's long outdated now.

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It never had a use... They literally never proved it saved candles or energy. It was an idea they thought would save something and politicians bought the story then made it a law.