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What makes more sense:

  1. Constantly spraying and inhaling some man made chemical that also kills other living things for years increases cancer.

  2. Constantly spraying and inhaling some man made chemical that kills other living organisms doesn't cause cancer.

If I were a betting man, I would bet cancer. The only science behind my statement is the science of common sense.

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Monsantos causes cancer.

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Monsanto is cancer

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So does aspartame and and that other one. Also that brown, tasty carmel part of a seared steak. Hell organic tobacco cigarettes will cause cancer.

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If you found out that you were in a beam of ionizing radiation. wouldn't you want to move out of it

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Something that directly causes changes in dna, or mitochondrial dna concerns me, and yes I would not let myself be hit with it on purpose. but I wouldn't be worried about alpha particles because helium is blocked by water in the skin, and ingesting a few mg of something mostly get decomposed by the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. These "cancer" causing agents are given to rats that get cancer from the air they breath and are given three to six orders of magnitude more of a substance than a human would ingest.

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Yep, and the vast majority of these "dangerous" things are only linked in retardedly high concentrations. Like you'd have to put probably a few spoonfuls or better of roundup in your drinking water every day for a few years to get very sick. A few milligrams of overspray or micrograms from food is nothing.

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Aspartame isn't linked to cancer it's linked to obesity which is a cause of cancer. Also searing a steak is safe to statistically negligent unless you're factoring the effects of flame broiling processed meats. Organic produce is probably one of the biggest sources for petrochemical pesticide exposure, that shit makes round up look like a vitamin supplement. Yet morons pay triple for their organic bullshit.

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My understanding of glysophate is that the pH in soil neutralizes it.

Newer formulas also add acid to cause plants to wilt quickly so people are happy it worked. Glysophate is like cancer everything seems fine for a bit then the thing is just totally dead.

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on one hand I tend to believe them, on the other hand they also say global worming and evolution is real, so I'm not sure what to think

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That is the point.

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warned that a study finding no significant link between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma can’t be trusted due to several design flaws

This does not support the title. "It's not proven to not happen" is NOT "it happens"