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It does have a basis in science. It's called gender dysphoria, which is a very well documented symptom of many mental illnesses. I honestly can't believe that more psychologists don't step out into the public eye and explain this to the masses. It's truly sickening that radical leftists are trying to normalize the symptoms of a deep psychological disorder. Would you tell a schizophrenic that their hallucinations make them a special and unique person? Or someone with bipolar that their manic episodes just make them more beautiful. These things ruin people's lives. It's absolutely criminal, like trying to encourage someone to commit suicide because they're depressed. How are you helping??? It truly sickens me.

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And yet our society is trying to portray this mental illness as desirable ,and if you do not see it that way you are a nazi.

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What % of these transfags do you think have Dysphoria vs % that are attention hungry whores?

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Society refuses to admit that being a woman is desirable due to their lack of accountability, their ease at getting social support/help, their ease at dating, and the fact that they're coddled by society. The hardships of manhood are more trying, but ultimately more rewarding. Some males can't handle them though, and opt for womanhood. It's why more people become women than men.

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I would say the majority actually suffer from a mental illness. It's hard to say what is exactly wrong with people who choose to become trans out of a need for attention. Regardless, I think that those people would not benefit at all from therapies and medication targeted towards that disorder, considering they don't actually have it (the chemical imbalance or biological differences that are responsible for gender dysphoria).

Good luck trying to find any kind of statistical analysis concerning any of this. I imagine it would be career suicide in the field of medical science.

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We have already normalized mental disorders like feminism, liberalism, autism, Asperger's, etc. This just shows you that instead of solving problems people just think of new ways to hide the existing ones. this is why liberalism is so dangerous to America.

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That's the truth of it honestly. Take the recent school shooting in Florida, (assuming it was the actions of a psychotic individual) an event like that makes the public realize, "wow psychosis and its related disorders are really dangerous if these things can happen!" So you see research into it and the development of medications to treat it as you would any dangerous and malignant disease/disorder.

So why not take it a step further? Anti depressants exist because suicide is a massive cause of death. A physician looks at a symptom like depression and treats it the way you would treat a bacterial infection with antibiotics. But gender dysphoria? Radical leftism (which I can assume is some kind of fanaticism akin to a religion, bordering on mental illness) these things aren't outright killing people. That raging feminist or tranny isn't shooting up a school or committing suicide. They aren't hurting anyone really are they? So what's the problem?

That's where we are right now. People want to ignore the mental illnesses and diseases that are a slow burn. A doctor treats the most pressing and dangerous symptoms first, the others are secondary and tertiary. They may never be treated if they aren't going to kill the patient or anyone else.

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PC culture has infected the medical community like a cancer. They know it's a psychological disorder but are afraid of public opinion rather than the psychological well being of the patient.

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You can't fight bullshit with more bullshit. There is an exceedingly small fraction of people born with ambiguous sex organs or an extra chromosome (Klinefelter syndrome, up to 0.1% of male population, or about 150,000 males in USA). So it DOES have a scientific basis, however the majority of people claiming to be trans is much higher, like 0.6% of population. So it seems like the majority of people are becoming trans for social reasons, not because they were born that way.

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not because they were born that way.

And even then in a way they kind of are, they are born with brains encoded in particular ways by their genes that make them vulnerable to the type of environment which ultimately leads to them behaving this way. So even the "socialite transperson" phenomena naturally has a basis in science.

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Why can't it just be that society influences people? Why does there have to be a genetic basis for everything?

@eagleshigh @bojangles @sarmegahhikkitha

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Transgenderism is perversion. Remember perversion? It's a concept that is thousands of years old, but the progressives decided to do away with it when they got rid of morality and truth and justice and the concept of evil, along with Christianity. We're not supposed to use the term "perversion" these days. Even so, a man pretending to be a woman so that he can get his rocks off, even if he's already had his rocks cut off, is perversion. We live in degenerate times, and our world is being run by perverts, freaks, and monsters.

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And those who promote all these perversion are the mass media, and behind the mass media are their (((owners))).

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Science is only useful until it diverges from ideology.

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that pic is fucking gold :)))..

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Is it a photoshopped screen capture from Zardoz, maybe?

Between the beard and wig, he looks like Sean Connery ... and the pussy-bender swimsuit with leather boots is like a bad acid flashback.

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That's a stupid claim. Science is the study of something in a particular way. People claiming to be transgender exist. Whatever you want to call it, there are people who believe this. Therefore, it exists, and there is some explanation. The goal of a scientific study is to figure out how a person comes to believe that.

Instead, we can discuss how the core tenet of transgenderism is essentially undone by itself. What I mean by this is, those who advocate sex changes essentially advocate that there’s no real difference between the sexes—that gender is fluid and malleable in other words, and to think that gender is a mere binary is just idiotic troglodyte thinking. Indeed, as I have discussed in my Manthropology videos, this is a foundational pillar of modernity in and of itself.

So how does that contradict itself?

This is philosophy, because if you can prove something inconsistent, you don't even need to look for it in the real world (science), because something inconsistent cannot exist.

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It's very true that it's a philosophical issue, which is something that the public struggles with immensely. But it is a medical issue as well, making it exist in the realm of hard science (biology/psychology). People who believe they are one way when they are not, in contradiction to everything logical, are either making a completely irrational and foolish choice, or they are experiencing some kind of chemical imbalance within the brain resulting in them experiencing the symptom of a mental illness. People suffer from illusions of grandeur during manic and psychotic episodes. Some symptoms of schizophrenia (among other illnesses) include disassociation, or, 'not feeling quite like yourself'. You may even believe you're someone else entirely!

So how is it that transgenderism gets away with being the obvious symptom of a mental illness? In many ways you're right, they may believe it because of societal ignorance due to a lack of basic understanding in philosophy. Just because I feel this way, does not make it true does it? Any way you look at it, there's a problem here and no one will address it except in small circles and on places like Voat.

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Mental illness.

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