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Recent events have drive the value of traditional wives from priceless to infinite. Cultivate a friendship with a genuine awesome girl. Let the feminists drown in the psychosis of their own making.

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When you find an awesome non-feminist girl, put a ring on it. Let feminists know they aren't even an option to you. And it's even better if you're an attractive man, don't even fuck feminists...they're too easy. Find a nice conservative girl.

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There's usually a checklist I go through. It sadly only leaves about 1%-2% of the population available.

  1. No penis.

  2. No fat chicks.

  3. Not a feminist .

  4. No kids.

  5. Not too crazy, ie litterally diagnosed insanity.

.... There's a reason I'm single.

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Feminism is an IDEOLOGY. There's no such thing as a man or woman who isn't affected by feminism's reach.

Our goal shouldn't be to find the one unaffected needle in the haystack. Our goal should be to expose the ideology so anyone coming in contact with Feminism in the future will be inoculated by the truth.

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Being smart isn't fair.

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Objective fact =harassment apparently

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TFW a jew feels the need to speak on the behalf of white males in google.

White genocide has gotten that bad.

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Harassment against what Individual exactly?

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Peoplekind, we try to be more inclusive

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From the article:

"Debating science = asking a girl out on a date = touching her breasts = rape"

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LOL'[ed because it's true. (as in: they truly believe such nonsense)

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u harm the brainwashed snowflakes u harm the gov!! turth is somethign strage and dangerous for the gov and its sclaves!! whats next? u go to jail if u say that men are stronger than women?!?! lmfao...

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"Human Biological Diversity US Government"


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Intimidation charge only. Unless that agency is Diversity Hires from top down they’ve got to know that the charges will not stand up in court. Facts are facts and can never be hateful.

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I do not get this. Was he trying to neg them or is he gay?

People are so dumb. This man is probably smart enough to know IQ is not a good metric of intelligence. It’s creator even said so, much like the creator of the polygraph test.

What is interesting is that boys seem to place their failure on the teacher, as instructors tend to call them sloppy, whereas women are usually berated for not trying enough. So they see the failing as their own.

We already know psychological priming works. So if a student is smart and the test is easy, they should be anxious, to avoid silly errors. If the test is hard, they should calm down.

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