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We broke record highs 2 days ago. It should hit 80 again today.

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I have plenty of food. So what's this "global hunger"?

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Since this article is dealing with aggregates, a better analogy would be this liberal one: Every human has plenty of food, but all our scientific models indicate scientifically that there is Global Hunger according to our sciency science, and so we must have the UN and governments take over food production and distribution. Did we neglect to mention this is science?

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That would be a suitable analogy if instead you said there is a large amount of scientific proof of degradation in farmland, and while some people are hungry there is disagreement as to the root cause.

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This is not making that argument. You seem like a complete idiot.

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If this shocks you, 2050 is going to kill you

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I believe it. The other day we had a huge cold snap.

This is from just yesterday.

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Do you live at the equator? I only ask because you're sideways.

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Ha! You can thank Image Goat for that.

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I wonder what causes snowfall, or precipitation in general.

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Snow is white. Kill whitey.

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The earth is a self sustaining organism some have called Gaia. It doesn't matter to her that the ice caps melt as mother nature will just increase the intensity of the storms to compensate until equality is reached once more. In a world of duality that means the hotter places will get hotter and the colder places colder as the opposites begin to reign supreme and as far as nature is concerned this extremism is a good thing as it promote evolution and a general hardiness to environmental conditions.

That said I believe in global warming as it's obvious that digging up previously inaccessible solar energy stored in the form of oil is going to result in a release of that energy which being imperfect will lead to an increase in overall heat being released but the tipping point between mother nature trying to even the score and shit spiraling out of control is far from being reached and a sudden reduction in people from the 3rd world would likely tide us over for millennia.