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That was a fucked-up episode of Voyager, yo.

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They reference real studies throughout published by "respectable" journals. This is just a hit job to discredit. There is garbage published in every journal. There are thousands of studies saying fat causes heart disease in these "respectable" journals and no one bats an eye.

Just pulling the "authority card." Let people be published and then let others decide what is credible.

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'Science' is dodgy anymore... Need proof? How about 'global warming'?

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"Science" is dogma and appeal to authority. How about anything they push? It's all bullshit. There's no outer space. Nobody can actually experience it... and yet most people believe the lie because their authority figures tell them it's real.

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Reflex downvoat from someone...

I find it VERY interesting and disturbing as well that people think they actually "know" space exists. It's very obvious and demonstrable they only think it because "experts" told them.

Now, this is not a comment on the veracity of the experts claims, but a comment on the fear people have of not knowing and the fear they have of entertaining ideas that go against their BELIEFS.

Scientism is a religion that has very little to do with "science" as people generally understand the term.

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Science is a religion

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Nope. Science and religion are the direct opposites. Science keeps re-evaluating its beliefs on constant basis. As soon as it stops doing that, it turns into a religion.