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So it turns my brain into a Electric motor. I wonder if I have to put my dick in some kinda wall charger to keep it powered.

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Why wonder? Just discover.

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Experts cautioned that the potential for misuse of any “memory booster” is enormous.

What counts as "misuse" if the implant works? "Oh no, this person's memory is better than God intended, that's terrible and must be stopped!"

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https://archive.fo/gE3Gm :

A Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists Report - The New York Times

'Some lists were memorized with the brain stimulation system turned on; others were done with it turned off, for comparison. '

'Cognitive scientists use this period, with patients’ consent, to give memory tests and take recordings. '

'The research team tested the memory aid in 25 people with epilepsy who were being evaluated for an operation. '

'Many of the electrodes are placed in the brain’s memory areas, and the wait can take weeks in the hospital. '

'Kahana said the implants could potentially sharpen memory more dramatically if the approach were refined to support retrieval — digging out the memory — rather than only storage. '

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next step towards their coveted singularity

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Our grandparents will soon be cyborgs.

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