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Yuk I accidentally clicked a WaPoo link. I need some antibiotics.

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Rub some dirt in it, pussy.

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Is WaPoo a thing now? I like to think I came up with that.

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Maybe you made it a thing. Neo...

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There's plenty of dirt over there. Don't worry.

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Looks like Haiti was onto something with those dirt cookies after all.

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https://unvis.it/https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2018/02/13/a-potentially-powerful-new-antibiotic-is-discovered-in-dirt/ :

A potentially powerful new antibiotic is discovered in dirt - The Washington Post

'But its discovery is proof of a powerful principle, he said: A world of potentially useful untapped biodiversity is still waiting to be discovered. '

'He and his colleagues were looking specifically for a known gene associated with the production of calcium-dependent antibiotics — molecules that attack bacterial cells, but only when calcium is around. '

'Meanwhile, the same technique has been applied to urban sewage and polluted lakes to reveal the vast extent of antibiotic resistance. ', "Superbugs have evolved resistance to dozens of drugs in doctors' arsenals, leading to infections that are increasingly difficult to treat.", "He had discovered penicillin, the world's first antibiotic."

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So my friend has a friend involved with this non profit.. They have claimed to cure super bugs, hiv, ebola, multiple cancers and a ton of other things.. My friends friend thinks he is going to become a billionair because he bought in somehow when it first started 15 or so years ago.. Every time i see him he says there is going to be an announcment and we are all going to vegas like billionairs.. This has been going on since 2009 and longer before i heard about it.. Can anybody make any sense from looking at their website. https://www.truesciencealliance.org

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Does this mean I can indulge in those Hatian Mud Cookies? For your health, dingus.

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Antibiotics are cancer. Just another way for the (((capitalists))) to enslave you. Eat healthy, exercise, and if after that you still need medical help, use some marijuana only as long as the issue persists. Fuck replacing natural antibodies.

EDIT: I get their use for people whose immune systems are so terrible that their own antibodies won't cut it, but otherwise you're just using an expensive and controllable substance to which the bacteria / microbes you are trying to fight against will develop an immunity in time.

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Or, you know, just rub some dirt on it, like your grandparents told you

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I came in here only to make sure someone said it.

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Yes, do all of those things while that infected ingrown toenail turns into blood poisoning and only go to the Jew doctor when it is too late so when you die you can blame (((medicine))). After all, if you couldn't survive it without modern medicine, your parents shouldn't have bred in the first place.

You have taken common sense avoidance of antibiotics unless necessary to an extreme.

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and only go to the Jew doctor when it is too late so when you die you can blame (((medicine))).

This strikes me as a strawman. At not point did I advocate delaying remedy of any sort. However, in most cases antibiotics are not the only solution, nor are they the best solution.