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wow I really triggered you fags didn't I

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I suspect not. I didn't vote you down. The people who did, probably did so because you convinced them you're not very bright. I don't think they were triggered, no....

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Maybe you don't know everything? The fact that you use the word "denial" almost seals it that you are an establishment hack. Or at least a programmed person that can't stand to have a real discussion.

I've never been in a science sub that wasn't run by an establishment hack. Even spammers are useful because people need to be doubting claims more often. Finding something in a science forum doesn't make it true one way or the other.

What are people "denying" that bothers you so much?

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These are forums. People discuss things in forums. People do not always agree in forums. But when I ever see you in a thread, I will find a way to agree with your comment and to praise your keen insight. Then you will feel better. Science!

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What you will find here - climate change denial - holocaust denial, flat earthers, people arguing against the ability of rockets to move in space ... the list goes on... but that's just voat, it's not limited to this sub. Retards are everywhere.. and they are breeding..

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Uh oh /u/unidan has moved to Voat.

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You're an idiot.