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Remember when cell phones came in all different shapes, sizes and features? Some were clamshell flip-phones, others were thin candy bar types and some even rotated open. They had one or two and maybe even three screens and they could even have physical keyboards. Then the iPhone came out and everything turned into the same boring rectangle with one screen and not much else. This is what will happen to humans once people get to start choosing and later modifying their offspring's genome. We'll have a bunch of genetically similar people with nice features but all prone to the same illnesses, flaws and ailments. Whites will go from a spectrum of variety to the same ordinariness as brown skins with brown eyes. A homogeneous people will then go the way of the monoculture banana species that get wiped out by Panama Disease because they share the same genetic flaws. There's a good reason nature chooses to mix things up. Evolution of the species will be stunted or stopped if we start fucking with it. Shit like this is just the beginning, but you must remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Enjoy the future hell.

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There may be no such thing as hell, but we can make it if we try.

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Good thing that shallow gene pool isn't sustainable.
However, I do see genetic plebs becoming a thing, born dependent on proprietary drugs they need to live.

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Don't give the Chinese any ideas.

(And subsequently any other nefarious (((people))) in power.)

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People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great.

James Watson nailed it completely.

The only honest nobel prize winner.

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when every girl is pretty, pretty becomes mundane and tiresome

when pretty becomes mundane and tiresome, we start becoming attracted to ugly and mutants

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Then the iPhone came out and everything turned into the same boring rectangle with one screen and not much else.

You mean "then smartphones were invented." The reason they all have the same boring rectangle is because it's a universal input device, so there's no need for clever fold out keyboards or pantograph mice.

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If this was technology available when your parents were trying to conceive you wouldn't be here to link this lame ass article.

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And in his place would be 1AWESOME_SOB!

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Now ain't that the truth.

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Thumbnail looks like pop tarts.

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And now you know how poptarts are made.

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Still delicious tho

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for how much people on this site bitch about shitty dna, myself included, you sure dont seem to like this idea. so funny. bah niggers have bad dna, all these people are fucking retarded, bah. someone comes along potentially offering better offspring and ur all "bah eugenics is bad" wtf no its not. lots of people have shitty DNA. this could help. but no just carry on being faggots and not actually wanting solutions but just wanting to bitch instead. faggots.

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I love the idea of stringent eugenics. It's a solution to numerous societal problems, as well as eliminating an ocean of suffering.

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Eugenics is great.

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except this isn't eugenics. this is more akin to trying to create the perfect worker bee and ending up creating killer bees instead.

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If eugenics could wipe out retards with grammar as unreadable as yours, I'm all for it!

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perhaps you simply lack reading comrehension. im sorry i dont write in the style of dr seuss like you are used to. cunt.

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" someone comes along potentially offering better offspring and ur all "bah "

yeah yeah and GMOs will solve world hunger lol

You really aren't very bright, how many time do you need to get raped ?


It's made to be sold not to better anything you naive consumerist, and genetic pollution is real


Imagine your kid marries with someone with patented genes and gets kids... Yeah that's right you're starting to get the idea... From now on, everybody carrying those genes in your family tree needs to pay a license... How about that ?

"Buh buh buh... Won't happen to my family because before marriage we'll ask for genetic purity certificate and... AND I WON'T PAY !"

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rofl you make my level of paranoia seem like a cake walk

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The idea is to give people choice over whether to …

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I'm all for Eugenics but I have the feeling that people are going to push their own agenda with this under the guise of Faux-Eugenics.

One example of Eugenics would be eliminating down syndrome.

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Which would be a great leap for a moral civilization.

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Horrible - but I foresee a horrible dystopian future for mankind anyway.

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Oops, that one's not my husband's!

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