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You know what curtails crime and reduces prison population, road work. Breaking big rocks into little rocks. Hard labor. Prison today is actually called crime college by prisoners. Little fuckwits on the street actually want to be put into prison for a short stint to make allies, mentors and gain cred. To hell with any liberal or scientist tell society what we already know.

Make prison an awful shitty place, dishonest people will be less likely to be dishonest.

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Prison is awful and shitty right now in America. There are a lot of different reasons people turn to crime, and jail is only addressing one or two. It's not working.

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US Jail doesn't address the criminal. It's done for the benefit of the public. For that raging vengeance boner and to isolate and prevent further crimes. Rehabilitation? Nope. Deterrent? Hardly.

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yeah people talk shit but aint gotna clue what they speakin on

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What we need is concentration camp and unusually cruel punishment, not human rights bullshit which serve as zero crime deterrence for the most hardened criminals.

Human rights for victims, harsh justice for criminals.

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Im on probation.. For a normal human being, any curtails of freedom suck.. What that says about idiots wanting to go to jail you csn decide for your self.

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I would support this. Especially if we could use hard manual labor programs as ways to teach prisoners meaningful construction skills. Wouldn’t help everybody, but those who were capable of benefitting from it would have a chance at fixing their lives. The truly irredeemable would be too busy to cause serious trouble.

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If the USA has an infrastructure problem, why not use them to assist. With a caveat, once released, they must be able to work in that field. As a firefighter, we worked with prisoners, they learned a trade. None were allowed to be firefighters once out due to criminal background. I thought that was counter productive.

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I would go even further and sentence people to a certain number of rocks broken or miles of road built, vs amount of time in there.

Teach them the way to get ahead in life is to work harder than everyone else.

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So what you are saying is that people who can break rocks really fast would be more or less above the law?

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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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Angola puts niggers in the field where they belong.

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Right now, jail makes more effective criminals. The prison industry needs to be demonitized

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Exactly. "Prison for profit" is bullshit

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It is demonitized in that prisoners aren't typically allowed to be made to do productive labor, allowing private businesses to basically profit from slavery. Instead, the money comes from the government. As much as I hate to say it, maybe the states should run jails.

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Just make prisons like those self-run ones in south america where you just get shot if you try to escape and they just leave your body there.

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America has some of the longest prison sentences behind Russia (I think?).
I have a few family members who always say, “Stop housing the criminal and punish the crime! Chop off their hand! They won’t do it again, then!”
And I ask, everytime, “What the hell are they supposed to do then? Where are they going to get a job to be a part of society without hands?”
And then they’ll try and pull the bullshit, “If you had a daughter that got raped you’d want it to happen too!”
Then I remind them that no one in the fucking room was talking about rape, they were talking about someone who got caught stealing.
Prison is a catch-22.
The legal system is close to being a complete joke.
There’s some pretty crazy laws.
But the worse part of all of it is; I have no clue what else could be done. There’s some worthless, parasitic, pieces of shit in this world - and there’s people that fucked up and truly could change, but pulling someone out of life for 30 years, then tossing them back in while saying, “Figure it out, stupid,” doesn’t work. How could that possibly EVER work?
I’ve said multiple times that their should be a Highschool class that teaches/goes over the laws of the land. Not philosophical debates, not conversations or arguements, just reading them off, verbatim.
But as I said, I have no clue what else should be done instead of these crazy-long sentences. Someone better and smarter than me should definitely get to figuring it out.

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I have a few family members who always say, “Stop housing the criminal and punish the crime! Chop off their hand! They won’t do it again, then!” And I ask, everytime, “What the hell are they supposed to do then? Where are they going to get a job to be a part of society without hands?”

Just lynch and behead them like good old times. Problem solved. The earth is too cramped anyway, we need to start getting rid of misfits and dead end genes.

We don't need long sentences, we need torture chambers and concentration camps and firing squads.

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Canada can already tell who the parasites will be from age 3. And these cucks don't even want to use race as a factor.

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Speaking of race, doncha just love how that Canada article is accompanied by a pic of an ALL-WHITE group of children?

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there is a very high cost fragment of society, but these are people who weren’t very well prepared as pre-schoolers for making their way into the really modern, fast-paced, higher technical, education-dependant job markets.

Knowing canada this sounds like "the public schools didn't indoctrinate them hard enough"

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It is a problem that keeps getting worse. It's getting worse for criminals and the rest of society. And the only people benefiting are the scumbags that make money off of caging humans.

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I thought this was the purpose. More criminals, more crime = more tax money paid for law enforcement, more money for private prisons. Sounds like a win-win situation for the system.

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Got it in one.

I wouldn't restrict that to private prisons though. The difference between a public and private prisons is just one more entity making money.

The industry around building, supporting, staffing, securing, etc prisons in general is massive.

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And if there is not enough crime, just import a bunch of (sand)niggers.

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Somewhat tangentially related philosophical question that has no bearing on reality that I often ask myself...

If it were possible to give a repeat offender $50,000 as a bribe to never commit a crime again, and that was known to be 75% effective, would I advocate for that? (Edit: This isn't questioning whether it would work or not, it's questioning how I feel about it even if it did work.)

We have an ingrained revulsion to doing things FOR people who have wronged us, even with a decent chance that it somehow course corrects them. We seem wired to want to punish or exile people for violating the rules of our tribe. As the world changes and tribes become so much bigger, and problems more complicated, I find that my "feeling" about what is right often contradicts what I can suss out logically. Our prison system is fucked. Our treatment of ex-convicts is fucked. I can't even say what the highest purpose of our prison system should be. Temporary isolation of undesirable elements? Punishment? Rehabilitation? Temporary isolation seems useless, possibly counter productive. Punishment doesn't seem like an element today (at least not by the system itself), since torture is bad, work camps are basically outlawed it seems, we don't trust our courts, and it's hard to strike the right balance for people you hope to return to society one day. Rehabilitation requires more initial outlay, I don't know if we've seen it pay off anywhere in a big way, and it seems too "nurturing" for my instinct of what to do with law breakers.... but if it worked... and making prisons big labor training and rehabilitation centers somehow resulted in people better able to function with the rest of our tribe... surely that would be the logical thing to do, and actually save money in the long run?

If... If... If...

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I only committed crime when I was hungry, or in need of some basic thing like shelter. As the years went by, crime becomes more normal, more a part of life, you do it more flippantly. It's a slippery slope.

My brother went into Rikers at 18. He ran from a cop cause he had a little piece of a joint in his pocket. Went inside an acoustic guitar player and an artist/hippy type. Came out mentally unstable, violent, strange, loud. Wound up becoming a career criminal with a crack addiction.

Prison is useful for warehousing violent, dangerous offenders. That's really it.

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I can relate to this a lot. Martial arts is the only thing that keeps me sane now.

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Fuck your brother. He did the crime, then he did the time. As it should be. How he came out after is his fault....

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I think that different people should go different places for jail. Some people could still be productive members of society even if they have to live away from society (like a great scientist that murdered someone); while some people are in jail just to be with their friends, or to get fed on the taxpayer's dime.

A parallel example is rehab; you have almost all the people there by court order, and a few there that want to kick a drug. the court ordered ones don't want to get better, they smuggle drugs in, they try to make contacts for dealing, etc. Those two groups should not be in the same place.

If i went to jail, i would hope the city would let me fix their fucking website and bring it up from 2005 status, for example.

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Humans (and animals) only learn by punishment and reward.

This is why Welfare kills the poor. War on Poverty increases poverty.

It's called Moral Hazard. For example: In Rugby, there is no protective equipment, so the whole sport and players adjust for that by tackling in a very specific way. In football, the protective equipment is top tier, so the Defensive team will spear-tackle head-first on occassion. Guess which sport has statistically over-represented concussions?

This is why I hate guard rails and seatbelts. I want a bridge that lets me walk right off and die. Besides, it makes for a better view.

People need to be encouraged to be responsible by absorbing the fullness of the consequences of slipping up (hamartia/sin) and rewarded for doing the right thing. $50k is more appropriate as a reward for getting married before having children than for committing a crime.

TL;DR: Coddling never works. It is counterproductive.

[–] Schreiber 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Yep. Progressive society these days put too much value on human life.

The truth is that resources are limited, so it's best that we start sacrificing misfits and start eugenics program asap. Society and hard logic above individuals and feels.

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Only an academic would think it clever to offer a fifty thousand dollar incentive to become a repeat criminal offender and then collect the reward for doing nothing thereafter.

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I won't talk shit on his thoughts because he's just thinking aloud and not actually saying it should be done.

I think it's an interesting thought but at the end of the day, even if it 'worked', it doesn't. It incentizes crime. It would almost literally be criminals putting a gun to the tax payers head, legally extorting the state.

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It's not an exercise about whether it would work, it's an exercise in, assuming it did work, how I would feel about it.

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it would probably be something like UBI being revoked if you committed a crime. but all zyx was saying is that it would probably work for a single individual.

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what happens in reality with prisons is that they make real mfs badder smarter and more fit to do future crimes anbd the weak who aint belong there make their life miserable and incapable to adapt even if for the same deed he did time he wouldnt reapeat it again if he wouldnt do time... this fucking joke for retards is flawed as fuck... this prison shit is made out just to keep weak retards under control. im telling u that some rly bad mfs got pumped in there and when out they were pure fucking mafia.... u get in liek a fucking ;poor burgler and if u have it in u u get out like a mafia boss... and these are facts. all these bullshits are just a fucking joek for retards and nothing more...

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This is Amsterdam. Their prisons are 5 star hotels. Fuck their liberal bullshit. Maybe if they had to work they wouldnt be sedentary.

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It's fucking bullshit.

Prison should be constant torture that make everyone there regret they ever committed a crime and there's no way back. Either that or just send them straight to hell.

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n=35? garbage study. Class project for an undergrad doing basic stat research.

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