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https://unvis.it/https://slate.com/health-and-science/2018/01/weve-been-told-were-living-in-a-post-truth-age-dont-believe-it.html :

We’ve been told we’re living in a post-truth age. Don’t believe it.

'In fact, it may be time that we gave up on the truth-y notion that we’re living in a post-truth age. '

'More examples of the boomerang effect would be presented in the years that followed. '

'The first hints of a boomerang effect for truth emerged in the early 1940s, as the nation grappled with a rash of seditious, wartime rumors. '

'They cited work from Schwarz and Skurnik, among others, in describing several ways in which debunkings can boomerang or backfire. '

'In the past few years, social scientists armed with better research methods have been revisiting some classic work on the science of post-truth. '

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