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What is "gravity"?

Gravity is the absence or abundance of H2 and/or O in an object. The less H2 & more O a thing has the "lighter" it becomes (arguably the less H2 an object has = less electrical magnetic property the object has that is naturally attracted to Earths determines the strength of the Earths magnetic pull).

So in conclusion we can all be traveling around in "flying" discs right now if we learned how to make something controllable like a hot-air balloon.


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You're thinking of buoyancy. But even that doesn't really match up to what you describe.


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That's because my theory on gravity defies what we're taught about gravity.

We don't go flying off into the sky and into space because our bodies are made of water, water has a magnetic pull to Earth. The farther away from Earth you get you become more and more "weightless", that's because the Earths magnetic pull is becoming weaker and weaker due to the water in our bodies going away from the Earth.