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Yeah worm memories, as in I remember eating shit my whole life in the dark

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Doesn't even realize it was in a shit hole country while eating shit.

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Should we let it vote though?

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Woah! Does this support the notion that memories are not stored in the brain?

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If you're a flatworm, yes.

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I guess I should identify as flatwormkin just to make sure.

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Worms don't really have a brain, so by definition yes. For humans I don't think it suggests much.

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There are neurons in the muscles and guts and heart if memory serves


But well, this isn't where you store your holidays memories


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They have a brain, but it only holds around 300 neurons which makes it the smallest brain in the animal world. I think SJWs are the next smallest brains

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wait, do people think that PEOPLE have their memories stored somewhere else? Who thinks this besides you? Where do you suppose they are?

edit:saw about muscle memory or whatever, but I'm talking real ones.

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Some have suggested it. The brain is still very enigmatic and not well understood. We have the best understanding of sections relating to optics and motor control, but where memories are stored remains more elusive. Thanks to brain imaging we know which areas of the brain are used for memory retrieval. Interestingly the same parts are used when actually experiencing something, when remembering it, or when imagining it (even if it never happened).

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Then the team showed the worms with the regrown heads where to find food, essentially a refresher course of their light training before decapitation.

They trained them again. This is just stupid click bait.


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They did something 30 times to force an association. After the decapitation, they did it twice and got the same results, indicating that after a quick "refresher course" if you will, the memory was as strong as before.

(An example, I didn't read the article)

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Then they should have described very carefully how much training was done before and after.

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hopefully they're good memories.

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That's fascinating. Maybe stored in the DNA? Would explain the collective unconscious proposed by Jung. As I matter of fact I vaguely remember a particular laser etched plate with liver on it.

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No, they're most likely stored in the nervous system like every other animal. It's just that worms nervous systems aren't highly centralised in the head like ours are.

Storing memories in DNA wouldn't be very feasible: The nerve making the association would need the ability to edit the DNA of every cell in the organism. It would also need the ability to read those DNA memories in a split second in order for them to be useful, which I doubt is possible.

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DNA could probably store information, but if the creature is not evolved for that it is a moot point.

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Or, worms are psychic.

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Sounds reasonable.

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Worms have memories?

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That's because worms think with their dicks. They almost 100% dick.

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Last time we heard magic crap with flatworm memory, it turned out they didn't clean the equipment right. I'll bet you dollars to donuts this is just another procedural error.

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