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Yeah and actually using hemp for once could probably make this even better. The plant that can replace cotton, timber, steel, oil, etc from hemp stock. Shit is a big Ole monopoly and the Jews know that.

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It's legal to use in other countries so why are there no uses of hemp there replacing cotton, timber, steel, oil, etc? Hemp is billed as a fucking wonder material but no one is actually using it in any wonderful way. The best uses I've seen are some crappy textiles, mixing with mud to make shitty bricks and hemp oil for nutritional supplement use. Where are the incredible industrial uses that are constantly claimed to be suppressed by laws and big industries? If the joos could make sheckels off of it then we would see them profiting from it. It's just not happening because hemp is NOT a magical material. Prove me wrong with some real examples of industrial use.

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The reason you don't see anything made with it is because the patents were bought and then hidden away in the warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones's movie. I'm joking a bit but seriously it's something like that. The electric cars, light bulbs, water powered vehicles, and lot's of things are invented that are far superior and bought out or hidden from the public. Some lose due to public stupidity or in the case or BETA vs VHS due to the porn industry. But don't doubt that there are things that exist and are hidden due to the mega rich and powerful and paid for propagandist media who jump when money enters their pockets.

With that said I give you the hemp powered vehicle:


The soybean car, more recently referred to as the hemp body car, was a prototype car built with agricultural plastic. Although the formula used to create the plasticized panels has been lost, it is conjectured that the first iteration of the body was made partially from soybeans and hemp.[2][A][4] The body was lighter and therefore more fuel efficient than a normal metal body.[5] It was made in Dearborn, Michigan, through the work of scientist/botanist George Washington Carver and was introduced to public view on August 13, 1941.[2] It was made, in part, as a hedge against the rationing of steel during World War II.[6][7] It was designed to run on hemp fuel.[8]

You can even look up Ford striking his own car (made with the hemp material) with a hammer.

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Morbo the 'hemp is a miracle material' yarn is just propaganda that was created to garner the support of low-information voters for the fledgling hemp industry.

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The great industrial uses for hemp you refer to are being suppressed by laws and big industries. That's why we never see them. Duh.

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The industrial usage was already in effect a long time ago. Only problem is the fact that hemp is suppressed by all the industries I mentioned. Do some research yourself and look into the hemp car Henry Ford tried producing way back in the day. He nearly got shut down forever for trying to go against the monopolized industries which we all rely on so much.

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I can't believe the cost of the petroleum is a significant factor in the cost of carbon fiber.

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Cost of one litre of refined oil: less than one dollar. Cost of a carbon-fibre bicycle fork weighing approximately 500 grams: $100+. Nah.

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You would need more than a liter. Nevertheless...

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It isn't. The plastic fibers CF is made from are cheap as hell. Certainly cheaper than linen or hemp or other plant based yarns.

I was hoping the article was about some new process for making CF which was so efficient it had overcome that cost gap, but it's just making the same starter substance out of plants.

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I think it can be safely said that carbon is a significant factor in the cost of carbon fiber.

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I was kind of hoping they genetically engineered grass to grow carbon fiber blades. That would be pretty fucking cool.

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Carbon fiber is great for some things but planes idk... I'm no aeronautical engineer but the 747 fuselage was so well known by the FAA (it was mostly steel, titanium and aluminum) they knew where it was going to crack and show metal fatigue based on the hours flown before it was even visible by eye. With carbon fiber it's all a crap shoot, they don't know because there's not enough data yet.

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It's already used pretty widely in aviation. And it's hardly a crapshoot, it's properties are quite well known. If anything it's a return to the early days of aviation when most aircraft were composites. Plus it's so light they can afford to overengineer everything and still produce an airframe that's tougher and lighter than it's aluminium counterpart.

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Carbon fiber doesn't stretch before it breaks. Metal does. This absorbs alot of excess kinetic energy before catastrophic failure occurs.

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so in theory you could make one out of weed? so the truck in that Cheech and Chong flick isn't so far fetched after all.

visionaries, man

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Cue the protesters upset that plants are being over used and the earth will collapse.

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Fuck that, I'm waiting for the fuckers who believe plants have souls.

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Yes, kill all the plants!

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How It's Made - Carbon Fiber https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ki1aCdkMSeo